HAVE: another great green elephant trade

veeja11(z7Wa)November 6, 2004

It was another wonderfull trade. Thankyou to everyone I got plants from and especially to treepalm for the dahlias.And a special thankyou to the trader who gave me the dahlia digging lessons.I brought home an orchid, never could afford one of those, don't know who that trader was but, Thankyou.I also had a first, I had to use the restroom

so I went in the church, first time I have been in a church in 30 yrs. Nice friendly atmosphere. Thankyou all it was a wonderfull trade. and thankyou to the seed pusher.

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Thanks Jim, It was a very nice trade! The hot water and tea was an extra nice touch.

Your welcome Carol! I will have more in spring. The dahlia digging lessons came from Christine.

Everyone, thank you all for the plants. They all have been planted already, a first for me.

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for all your generosity. We got sooo many nice plants & seeds. I really appreciate the plants and all the advice.

Theresa you've already planted them all?? Your diligence is amazing; you're my hero. ;)

Was it Christine that we got the sedge & borage from? You told me the varieties but I didn't get a chance to write them down.

Carol let me know if you need any culture info on the orchid. :)

- Tom

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Tom, thankyou sooo much for the wonderfull plants, how do I get my orchid to bloom ? do I put my little brug outside?
why is your name not green thumb? Thankyou Christine I went Dahlia digging this morning one tuber turned in to 7 or 8
I will have a few for trade in the spring Thankyou all Carol

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Carol can you refresh my memory which orchid I gave you? Was it the Paph. 'Harefield Hall'?

On the brugs, this is the time of year most of us have been bringing them in before it freezes. One way to overwinter them is similar as you would a fuschia. Tell me if that was a cutting or a plant & I'll give you more info.

The name grrrnthumb is just an easy to remember name I use all over the web. green thumb is already taken everywhere, but the grrrnthumb I don't have to share with anyone. :) My daughters say it's appropriate because I'm grumpy (grrr).

- Tom

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Thistledown_Farm(Z 7/8 PNWet)

Thanks Jim it was great. I excercised fairly good constraint and didn't fill my car to go home, thank goodness. All my new aquisitions are in the ground. Was it nice out today or what?!!! Perfect planting weather.
Thanks everybody.

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Did anyone notice--not a word of politics for over two hours!

I had the day off Monday and got some things into the ground. As usual I came home with some really cool plants. My first orchid, Thanks Tom. Variegated pampas grass. Climbing hydrangea, white garden phlox, white anemone, and a dozen other goodies.

I was very surprised at the good turnout for so late in the season. The weather held, which was a bonus. But I get the feeling that this crowd is not bothered by rain.

So everyone get through the holidays, then prepare for the spring trade first Saturday in March 10-noon

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Green Elephant Plant Swap

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