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marricgardensMay 22, 2012

I have a grower I deal with each year. So far I have gotten good daylilies from them. This year they didn't even ship until Wednesday so things sat in the post office drying out, when I finally got the box I wasn't certain how these ones would perform, in my opinion they weren't in good shape. The roots were still plump and firm but at least 70% of the foliage was yellow. I soaked the daylilies overnight and then planted them. It's now been 2 weeks and they haven't done much. Now to wait and see how they do. The other orders I received have all started growing. I felt like contacting them and complaining. What would you do? Marg

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Spring 2010 I received a disappointing Lily Auction order. The plants were puny and weak. I complained to no avail. Here are the plants today:

Who knows if your plants will thrive? To my amazement, my plants are now robust and now all need to be moved due to crowding. It sounds like you have been pleased with this seller in the past. I would definitely notify them that the plants were in bad shape when you received them. Then see what they say.


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Thanks Christine. I've always received good plants from them. I think I will wait and see what happens. Who knows, maybe they'll just thrive like their other orders have. Marg

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Most of the foliage that is on the plants dies anyway. When I plant, I eagerly wait for the fresh green foliage and then know they will be fine. but I would tell the person anyway to be on the safe side.


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The year that Luddy's HYACINTH MACAW came out, I ordered it and the price was something like $225 for a single fan. I'd ordered many times from Luddy prior to that. Rachel sent me the confirmation # and after about 6 days, I began to check it. NOTHING except that it had been received by the PO in FL!! After about 9-10 days, I contacted RAchel and we were both frantic at that point... Finally after two weeks, the box arrived, nearly flattened, broken on one side,and the plants had totally yellowed. My best guess was that the box got ovrlooked on a truck and left in there several days by accident. Even though they offered to replace it, I told Rachel I thought they weould surivive and they did. Both HYACINTH MACAW and CELL TOWER have put up scapes and are getting ready to bloom.

You might cut off a bit more of the yellowed foliage. Don't over water although it is tempting, Water in thoroughly and then water no more than twice a week if you are getting no rainfall.
Good luck! I'll just bet they will survive and thrive. I have thrown seedlings on top of my compost pile and they've survived the winter!! Daylilies are some of the hardiest perennials out there.

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Thanks everybody. Guess I just needed to vent. Floota, I've have a clump sitting on the soil in the garden for 2 years now and it's still doing fine - guess I should get it planted. We're supposed to get a T-storm later today. Hope we do because it has been very dry lately. Maybe that will perk them up. Marg

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Hi Marg,
Did this order come from Ontario? My daylilies have looked terrible until the last few days. The foliage has been frosted so many times. I think they are finally getting big enough that the "white tops" are bending over and they aren't looking so bad. I can imagine what a plant I sent to someone would have looked like. I have received one order tis spring from someone who has had similar weather and she said to let her know if the plants don't do well. They have just been severly stressed It is so dry here I am potting up what I get now to save carrying water all over. I will plant them when it gets wetter, if that ever happens this summer. I also didn't get my usual digging, splitting and moving done in April because the weather was so crappy. What a spring
It is too bad your plants had to spend the weekend at the post office and you could comment on that to the seller but hang in there and see what happens. And happy watering!

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Hi Debbie. The order came from HM in Quebec. I never even thought about the frost getting them but I'm happy to report that I just checked the bed and a few of them are starting to show signs of growth! BTW, I'm very impatient! I was also planning on moving most of my daylilies to the new beds (I have 4 planted) but now I think I might have to wait til next spring that's if it's any better than this spring! Marg

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I had a disappointing trade. The fans were medium but below the foliage there was just crown and a couple of scant roots. They are now potted up in my best soil and hopefully they are growing lots of new roots. Sometimes we put up with lower quality if the plants are rare. If I didn't get these from this guy I would never get them at all.

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Hi Marg,
Thankfully my HM order came today. It looks great with many having 3 fans and a few clumps. Even the single fan orders are more than 1 fan. It was mailed on Tuesday and I am really glad it came today and wouldn't wanted to have seen it if it sat over the weekend. Now I just have to plant them and keep them watered. It sure would be nice to get some rain!
Hope yours are coming along. Some that I planted in the last 2 weeks finally look like they are taking off on their own.

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Hi Debbie: I have been watering them and despite the heat, they are doing well. I can see new growth on all of them now. Guess I'm just to impatient! Glad yours came and are alright. They keep promising us rain but we've only had a few drops today - enough to scare the dogs inside. I was hoping for a good downpour. Marg

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