Pinus thunbergii 'Hitotsuba' and 'Kimatsu'

sluiceJuly 7, 2012

Two Japanese black pine grafts received as gifts from a forum member in November 2010.

There was some new growth in spring 2011, and this spring they really took off (especially the Kimatsu).

Pinus thunbergii 'Hitotsuba'

Needles seem to be growing in fascicle bunches of one.

Compare the two needle bunches of Kimatsu.

Pinus thunbergii 'Kimatsu'

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Nate, the 'Hitotsuba' must be written as 'Hitobano-matzu' which is a clone of the Pinus thunbergii var. monophylla, the single needled Japanese black pine.

The 'Kimatsu' must be written as 'Kimatzu' aka 'Nishiki Kimatzu' which was selected for it's coarse bark characteristic.

I hope I helped you with this info...

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Definitely interesting.

Thanks guys,


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Thanks Edwin and Dax.
Edwin, I'll update my records!

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Thanks for posting these Nate, they look healthy AND familiar! Thanks too Edwin, noted in my database.


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