favorite peach/coral/apricot colored rose??

zone_9a_georgia(9a)January 10, 2002

whats your favorite warm-colored rose & why??

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oldherb(z8 Oregon)

I love Sutter's Gold and old hybrid tea from the mid 1930's. It changes color as it matures and the fragrance is fruity and fills the garden on warm evenings. It's leaves are disease resistent here in the fungal jungle of the Pacific NW. The blooms withstand our spring rains fairly well also.

I also love Jude the Obscure and old cabbage type that reblooms and is the softest peach with a wonderful fragrance.

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I like 'Brandy' because the flowers on this HT are huge and very fragrant...the leaves are a very dark green that stays strong and there is more than one flower on the same branch; a rare thing for Hybrid Teas. The foliage has a burgundy quality to it for quite some time...and it looks exceptional with daylilies and lamb's ear.


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My Wife and I love any flower in this color range. In our small urban lot we have a few great Daylilies in this color range; Cantaloupe from Burpee within the past 10 years 'Leprechaun's Lace' blooms 6 -8 weeks in mid-season. My favorite!!! - 'Little Rainbow' my most pampered plant.Can't capture its polychromatic tones on any camera

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

Sunset Celebration - excellent! Sometimes pink, sometimes apricot - depends on climate, location etc. I love the color against sage green stucco.

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treacle(Z6 NY)

The climbing rose Alchemist.

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Peach/ Apricot roses are my favorite! The ones I have and love are:
Just Joey- Enormous, ruffled, strong fragrance, constantly in bloom.
Tamora- David Austin, peach, smaller bush, myrrh fragrance
Sunset Celebration- Peach-Pink, lovely, classic HT blooms, great for vases.
Livin Easy- Floribunda- more orangey peach with citrus type fragrance, blooms and blooms!
Brass Band- unusual bronze/peach ruffled blooms.
Hope this isn't too confusing!

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Kelowna(z5 Canada)

Whiskey Mac. A wonderful hybrid t with the most heady aroma!!

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I have one down at my pond im gonna take a slip and start another. Its budding now looks like a reddish orange but when open its transparent ,,Its gorgeous.

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BarbC(8 coastal SC)

I like Carnival and Josephs Coat... both have shades of red, yellow and orange that change color with age and sun.

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lyonsy(10 CA)


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karalyn(Z6 W. Boise)

VooDoo and Apricot Passion. I guess cuz they are my first ones I bought this spring.

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meilie(z7 MD)

I ordered another Whiskey Mac, as my other one may have died from the severe winter we had. I was recently informed that they are also require a bit more care, but I have to agree that they are well worth it! If you have ever had the pleasure of smelling a Whiskey Mac rose, you'll never forget it's name. The scent is truly mystical with a fruity/floral headiness that is not overwhelming, but very strong and delightful.

One flower filled half my garden with it's scent and I had to wander around until I found the source. I was truly amazed at how much one lone rose could emmit so much perfume. It didn't even smell like a rose, it was more like a basket of freshly cut fruit and freesia. YUMMM!

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Celtic_Rose(5 MA)

Abbaye de Cluny. Perfection in every way.

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A David Austin rose called Pat Austin, named for his wife. Smells so good! And looks good growing beside my double-ruffle peach daylily.

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Easy Elegance "Sweet Fragrance" is my favorite rose. I cannot believe I have something so beautiful growing in my garden!! (Online photos do not do it justice!) :)

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