Favorite thing to do when you can't garden

jayco(5b NY)January 11, 2003

I am just curious as to what activities you all enjoy when you can't--due to weather or injury or what have you--garden. Do you have another "obsession" or are you faithful only to gardening?

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Dswan(z6 UT)

Reading, reading, reading, watching football, reading, watching basketball, reading gardening books and catalogues, more reading.

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panama(z5 Que.)

Cuddling up to the wife and well you know
Not enough energy left during gardening season to fulfill the wifes needs LOL


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Browsing plant catalogs, playing on GW, going to Jigzonecolor> and working the puzzles, reading gardening books and plant books, talking about plants with my friends. I'm only mildly obsessed!

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Reading garden books/magazines, redecorating the house :)

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

Woodworking. A hobby that really makes you think. The planning, what joinery?, what kind of wood?, etc. And of course, 'Measure Twice, Cut Once'.

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heartofdixie(z8 AL)

Reading & Wine!

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

Miniatures, sculpting, (I usually sculpt miniature plants!)Reading, drawing, painting, pastels, building miniatures, etc.

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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

Scottish Country Dancing.

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I love watching my little feathered friends 'Humming birds'. There are quite a few around our property. It all day long excitement and delight!

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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quiltguy154(5-6 PA)

As if you had to guess-QUILTMAKING!

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mrsjilly(5-6 sw Pa)

watching my garden grow.

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rebow(6 Philly)

Since I only have time for one hobby, when I'm not gardening I'm cleaning up the mess inside my house that had been neglected while I gardened.

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Reading,homedecorating,knitting,sewing,walking and cooking.
But my fav is still gardening.

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Reading garden and "shelter" magazines and books, rearranging the furniture, turning bird houses into tiki huts, looking for rocks at the beach, and eating fish tacos.

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weaserbug(z5 IA)

Go to the gardenweb, listen to music, read gardening magazines, watch movies, watch gardening shows on tv, drink wine, talk gardening with my friends, ...

I see a gardening theme happening here. I just can't stop!! "Hello, my name is Louise and I'm a gardener..."

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Well, I'm here, aren't I?

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Go to the garden web and read different forums. If I am lucky I can do a bit of cross stitch and possible read a book or watch TV. I don't want to do these things always pouting when I can't get out.

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paulyn(z 8 NW OR)

Walking my dog, tapdancing with DH, family history, teaching volunteer classes, taking home study classes (DH and I did Swahili one year but forgot most of it), working out at the gym when conscience demands it, dabbling at the piano, reading at nite with DH, singing (our animals like to be sung to), travelling to town for movies. We are an hour and a half away from shopping and movies so it's fun to get out and people-watch. They always dress so much better than we do and they look more polished, since we've moved to the country and become farmer-types. Oh, and don't forget chocolate.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

Reading! Which I have lots of time for, now that I've been laid off since last November. Well, maybe not as much as I would want, since now it falls to me instead of DH to do all the stuff around the house. There's been a lot of 'finish up' work to do after the most recent remodeling. It is great fun to crawl around the floor taping and painting moldings, for example -- NOT!!

But one of the projects we did was to turn our dark, yucky enclosed storage shed into a beautiful lanai, complete with painted walls, cushioned chairs and even a comfy rug underfoot. So with the summer finally arriving, there's a wonderful place for us to curl up with an iced tea and read comfortably for a relaxing afternoon.

It's even better than a vacation -- just step out the door and it's there. Wonderful!

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Hi all... Im recently addicted to GardenWeb! :O) after a day of gardening, I take a fresh shower and check out the site, cuddle with my doggies on the couch for an hour while I watch the news, browsing garden books and magazines... Thrift stores to browse and find goodies, at night in bed, I prop up with magazines on one side, needlwork bag on the other side.. doggies at my feet of course. I love my kayak.. will wheel that down to the beach and 'play' for hours. I begrudgingly do housework and always have a home improvement project going like painting my railings (did that yesterday) busy, busy, busy! But somehow spend way too much time here at GW :O) (avioding housework!)

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If it's a friday or saturday, go out dancing/drinking for the night, or just hang out with buddies. At home I'd play on the computer for a while. Maybe workout alot more.

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I love to read, and during winter I do a lot of it! I also do Double-Crostics, a literary and fascinating type of crossword puzzle (I do them surrounded by reference books!).
And of course, the good old Web - favorite site is Clarkhoward.com, a consumer website with interesting forums.

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amf55nj(z6 NJ)

Birding, if I can get away from home for a few hours. Reading, listening to music, working on craft projects, and nature photography. Baking for my friends for the holidays.

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Feeding the birds in the winter, poring over the latest seed catalogs, ebay, and planning garden improvements for the next season.

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ingami(z3b AB)

Thinking about gardening, ordering seeds, looking at
gardening catalogs, books, magazines, LOL
Also read a LOT, year round, can't do without it!
Working- yes, working! I love my two part time jobs,
I'm very fortunate---
Of course, one other job I do for 6 weeks a year is at
a greenhouse!
Also, of course, and #1, is spending time with DH and kids,
doing stuff outside with them in the summer, camping,
visiting, walking around the farm, playing with the
animals, being on GW of course! computer stuff-

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