Sunday's Showoffs

organic_kitten(8)May 6, 2012

My season is heating up, so let's see what's new or showing off today:

Ada Mae Musick: First Bloom

And not new, but showing out, another Luddy cultivar:

Sink Into Your Eyes:

Shake the Mountain: First Bloom - nice, but Philistine Champion is a much better bloom and bloomer to me...this one may wind up living at daughter's house.

Til the End of Time: Show Off - last year I had very few blooms on this:

Velvet Plum: First Bloom:

SC Eye For Passion - show off

Sea of Love - Had four blooms today; first blooms

Had so many prettied, it is hard to choose what to post.


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Those really are Showoffs. My favorite is Eye for Passion followed by Til the end of Time. I was looking at getting Shake the Mountain but now I'm going to have to look up Philistine Champion. Marg

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Oh, you have so many today. I have always liked Ada May Musick and there are so many show-offs, I have to choose them all. I especially like the color of Velvet Plum. Avedon

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Really like SC EYE FOR PASSION. I never had much luck with ADA MAE MUSIK. I gave it away when we moved.

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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Hi Marg, thanks for the kind words. Shake the Mountain is a large pretty bloom, but the colors are so similar to Philistine Champion, and PC is still larger, and for me, a better bloomer. Rita is the only way I could have gotten PC, since I couldn't find it anywhere in commerce.

Thanks Avedon. Luddy's always seem to de really well here. AMM was new last year, and started off blooming like crazy.

Nancy, Thank you. Eye for Passion is a large bloom that is a perfect EMO. It is new and I like it. Nest time you have one like AMM, move4 it and it may surprise you like Winners Trophy and Pirate Kind did me. Suddenly, they are blooming and looking beautiful. I am moving a couple of others this fall in an effort to have the same good result.


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shive(6b TN)

They all look great! My favorites are Ada May Musick and SC Eye for Passion. If you have a lot of photos, why not post a Part II? We love to look at your photos!


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Ditto to Debra. Post them all! And your comments about performance are very useful.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Wow, the daylilies really are strutting their stuff today for you. So many choices that could be my very favorite but I have to go with Til the End of Time. But really your season is really on now!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

KAY: You make it so hard to find a favorite out of the days show offs.They are all so beautiful,I love all of them. Guess maybe VELVET PLUM AND SEA OF LOVE sticks out a little farther then the others to me, but, sure is hard to fins a favorite.Dont worry which ones to post. just post them all ))))


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Love that Till The End Of Time. A friend gave me one last summer. I hope mine looks as good. I moved it early this year when I saw how close the daffodils were around it. Sarah

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mizellie(z7 Al)

My fav's for today are ( on this thread) Ada Mae Musick & Sc. Eye for Passion. You do have a lot of blooms and they are all beautiful...Ellie

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Nancy zone 6

Hum, let me see. I keep scrolling through them. I think my favorites are Eye for Passion & Til the End of time. Really nice!

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I think their all show offs, Ada Mae Musick and Till The End of Time are my favorites from this group.

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Julia NY(6)

Wowzeee is all I can think of Kay. I'm catching up today on posts and so glad I did. Would have hated to miss these beauties.


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