Rain,rain,and more rain

plantmaven(8b/9a TX)April 29, 2013

We are so glad. It has been raining heavy for about 40 minutes. Radar looks like a lot more coming.

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Happy for you plantmaven. I'm sure yall need it.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

Thanks. It got wild and wooly for several hours.
We have not had weather like that in years. I went to bed and was reading. Lightning must have hit something near by. A huge boom, I yelled and the dog barked. This is the Lowes near me.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

This was what the lightning was like. This was taken by a family in Helotes, TX. From my house to Helotes 5.9 miles.
I doubt that lightning knew the mileage, lol

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Well, some rain is good, lightening not so much!

Our spring was going along quite nicely with gentle rain showers, mild temps. and it all looked good. THEN a cold front moved in from the Alaska gulf and we got snow yesterday. Off and on it snowed altho was mild enough it didn't even cause the ground to be white. Overnight tho temps went down a few degrees below freezing and there's a light dusting of snow this am. Maybe a half an inch. Glad I hadn't had my winter tires changed over yet altho I'm sure the highways will be bare.

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plantmaven You certainly got more than rain! I hope nothing got damaged in your yard. We've had more than a few like that lately and more possibly coming tomorrow and Thurs . Not nice.
luckygal, snow and almost in May is just beyond my thoughts. Hope you get your spring soon.

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Oh my goodness, plantmaven! So glad the lightning wasn't any closer. We had a lot of rain from the same system, but it had calmed down by the time it got to Alabama.

Snow is no joke this late in the year, luckgal. It's the winter that won't go away. That groundhog must still be laughing. Hope it improves, quickly!

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

Luckygal, I hope your weather begins to get better soon. I think your weather will be here late Thursday night. We are supposed to go from mid 80's to mid 40's Which is unheard of in May in central TX.

I could never live where it is cold enough to snow. Some of the nerve damage makes my back sensitive to cold and the rod and bolts conduct cold.

Sandi, it was all over us, but did no damage here. Diane was standing at the kitchen sink and some lightning flashed past the window. She decided the dog dishes could wait to be washed!
We did not get hail, but some areas got quarter size.
Kay, we are so thankful for the rain. Things are stressed after over 2 years of drought.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

We are getting a lot of rain here in Iowa + some places 13 inches of snow.Farmers way behind planting.But wish some of the rain could go to west coast put out the fires.

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Actually, lightening is very good for the earth. It regenerates the magnetic field and stimulates things to grow.

I tie pieces of nylon stockings on my tomato cages to help generate static electricity created by the wind's friction to help stimulate my tomato plants. Without the wind and the static it creates (lightening being a major result of that), plants would actually do very poorly and would die.

We are having yet another cold spell - this is the fifth time that Winter has returned to Oklahoma (Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri too). I just set my tomatoes and peppers out this past week, and normally I would begin harvesting Early Girl tomatoes by May.
We are getting lots of wonderful rain and I am greatly thankful for that, but these cold spells are ruining everything and preventing us from being to start a garden. All the plants that the local nurseries and garden centers have put out have been ruined over and over again.
I am putting pots and buckets over my veggie plants, but cannot plant anything else or sow warm weather crops until this is finally over...and who knows when the heck that is going to happen? Even the Weather men are stumped by this crazy weather.
What few roses have started to bloom (that usually bloom in April) are all ruined and puny looking things. They ain't fit for even the bugs to eat!
Now the weathermen are saying that with the tornado season just kicking off (May is our peak month), it is predicted to be the worst year for tornadoes ever. More of them and stronger ones too. Swell!
Can't win for losing.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

Annie, when my kids lived in Altus a siren scared me to death. I did no know what it was. I had just backed the RV into their drive. I saw that a fellow mowing his lawn did not even flinch, so I figured we were ok.
The kids were not home and I was trying to think how to protect my DH, who had Alzheimer's.

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sweetannie, I did not know that about lighting. I need to tie some nylons to my tomato cages. We're having a really cold spring also. My Baltic Star iris bloomed beautifully 4 Apr last year. This spring it didn't bloom until a few days ago and the temp in the 30s browned the buds before it even opened. Everything here is way behind.

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I get my nylons from second hand stores or places like Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can get large bags filled with them for anywhere from 25 cents to a buck.. Some places even give them away. Doesn't matter if there are runners or holes. :)

Just cut them crosswise into 1-1/2 to 2-inch wide rings and then cut the ring to make a strip. Just tie a few around the rim of the tomato cage where they can flap in the wind.

Birds don't like the flipping and flapping ties, so it will "help" deter them away from your tomatoes.

You can also use the pantyhose or stockings to make slings for melons or small pumpkins. You just tie them up off the ground on a fence or any support or trellis and they will ripen all the way around and not ruin laying on the ground.

They make dandy ties for all your gardening needs because they stretch as the plants grow, so they won't sever the stems. You can use them to tie up roses, sweetpeas, gladiolas, peonies, irises, sunflowers, dahlias or any tall flower that needs staking, and great ties for your vegetable plants and vines and fruit trees, too. And they hardly show.

They are also great for tying up bundles of twigs and plant debris from the garden after trimming or pruning, or small tree branches that litter the yard after a storm.

The nylons will slowly breakdown and decay in a few years, so you just toss them into your compost or burn pile. Much easier to work with than the store bought ties and practically no cost. .

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Thanks for all of the tips sweetannie. I'm sure going to use them. Just have to get the nylons.

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