My flowerbed

wyndrose(8)April 14, 2014

Finally got all my top soil today for my first cottage flowerbed, went to a meeting at my sons school was planning on starting planting when I got home. I came home to this. Hubby and oldest son got my plants and put them in for me and got a few of their own. Oh well there is all ways next year.

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Marigolds and cabbages? Sounds like a garden in a fairy tale. So nice they helped you! but also would have been nice if they had included you in the decision. ha. I'm guessing at the marigolds, which flowers did you decide to plant? annuals or perennials?

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When I moved here, there were long-established garden beds. All of them were square, rectangular or foundation beds. That didn't work for me, even though at the time I wasn't certain WHY it didn't.

One look at your flowerbed gave me the answer--I don't like that look (I apologize if you do!!).

As you say, there's always next year. Best of luck.

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I am doing both types of plants and yes there are marigolds . I don't care much for the shape but I rent so I can only put above ground in.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Hey, don't knock it :) if this means they've caught the gardening bug you can't imagine how useful all that brawn will come in handy in future years, ask me how I know this LOL.
Would it be possible to put in one more bed, if you drew up a dream plan, showed it to your two helpers do you think they might go along with it, if not as you say there's always next year.
It looks like all annuals so all is not lost they will be gone come fall, you could replant with perennials then and pop in some annuals next spring.


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