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Julia NY(6)May 9, 2014

We have jumped from being in the 50's to 70's and today we may hit 80. Not good as we will surely go back down again. We had our first thunderstorm early (1:00am) this morning move through and more rain this evening. Tulips and daffs are in full bloom with just a few not blooming yet. I love to see all that color after seeing white for so many months.

Last fall I wanted to get LOST IN THE TOY STORE from Judy so I went on a waiting list and she contacted me she would have it available in the spring. Yesterday it arrived and WOWZER, 4 huge fans along with a really nice gift plant of equal wowzer size. Spent this morning planting them.

No others will be coming this spring as I have to eliminate double plantings and then work on getting clumps divided when the new bed is ready. I need spots to plant the divisions till I can move them out as well. Pacing myself this time.

We discovered or I should say our cat Marmalade, another nest of baby rabbits in one of my front beds that I did not clean yet. It was a three ring circus trying to capture them. I've relocated them to a very far distance in our back fields.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Did you capture the mama rabbit too, to move with the babies?What color is the new daylily?I haven't hear of that one before, but,it will be pretty anyway.We got a lot of rain here last night, too,and supposedly more on the way today and tonight,with possibly some being severe.Hope not.Got
1 3/4 inches last night,and we really needed it too.I have lots of weeds in the beds, too. haven't been able to weed like I want to do.The body will not co operate for me to get it done,, so having to do just a few minutes each morning.
Happy Mother's Day to you, too JULIA.


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Julia NY(6)

Jean: The babies were big enough on their own. Unfortunately one died but I guess that is mother nature.

We are having some very high temps with humidity here and the storm that passed through last night are expected to hit again for the next couple of days. The weeds here are growing fast again and the dandelions are wrecking havoc on my beds. Some tulips have finished, others are just starting and the daylilies shot up so fast from the heat and rain.

Oddity on this yellow one which has red showing on it.


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Maryl zone 7a

Those tulips are so pretty. .......We had rain too last night. Since we are 7 inches below normal, and in severe drought, the 9/10ths of an inch helped some........Good to see someone else helps the wittle wabbits . It's a love hate relationship here with them. We raised one that our garden cat at the time kept dragging in no matter how far we released it. She (Ms. Bunny is what we called her) lived 8 good years in a pen. Never did get friendly, but that's the norm on wild animals. Then our garden cat passed on and the rabbits invaded like crazy eating everything including my roses. Finally got another garden cat, and he has taken care of the problem. Sometimes a tender heart such as mine gets caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to critters and the garden...........Maryl

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Nancy zone 6

Be sure & show pics when it blooms! That is one of a gajillion on my wish list, such a pretty one if it is as pretty in person as it looks in photos.Your tulips are gorgeous. Good job with the bunnies. Last year must have been a bumper year for rabbits, they were everywhere, & up close to the house. My only cat right now is 20 & would probably still give a good chase, but the bunny would have to come up & punch her on the nose to wake her up. So far this spring I haven't seen any rabbits near the house.

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Beautiful tulips, and a pretty good ending to rounding up the baby bunnies. Our cat caught one a few weeks ago, but we managed to rescue the little fella. Not sure for how long, though, because the bad cats do love their tasty rabbits.

Only one new one? I wasn't planning to add much of anything this year, but I don't have any will power when the weather is nasty and I'm looking at daylily photos. I think I added over 20. Sheesh.


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Beautiful tulips! Love all the colors but especially yellow and orange in the second pic and the most beautiful pink in the third. Now I want a daylily in this color :)

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The tulips are all gorgeous, Julia. Glad the bunnies made it okay ...out of the garden. If not for the cats that invade my yard...Momma Cat is mine, but there are several very regular visitors, we would be overrun with bunnies too, Maryl.

Julia, be sure to post pics when that one blooms. It is one I would love to have too.

finally started with daylilies here. It is wonderful today, temps in the mid sixties instead of the high 80s, low 90s we've been having. Rained all day yesterday. My plants are having to get by mostly on previous years work. the iris and peonies and roses were all beautiful, but the rose foliage wasn't. I've got to get it in gear.


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Julia NY(6)

No extra plants this year just the one I ordered along with the gift plant Judy sent.
I've been trying to do gardening work but the storms that blew through earlier in the week caused major setbacks here. No digging until the ground dries out a little.
Temps went from 80's to 40's yesterday and had to put the fleece back on and had our fireplace going. I hate to put the furnace back on as the fuel is so expensive right now.

I'm sure most of you are experiencing crazy weather as well. Time to get outside and see if I can mow. I think the grass and the weeds are having a race as to which will grow tallest the fastest.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Julia, Them Tulips are just beautiful.I haven't planted tulips in years. I use to plant all kind of bulbs, but, now the deer are so bad they eat up everything in sight. My daylilies are inside a small fenced in yard to keep them from being eaten.i had a few planted outside the fence for awhile and kept them sprayed with s contagion to keep them from eating them up, but, wasn't at home a few times and they got eaten.


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Your tulips look great in those circular clumps. You are indeed fortunate that the deer leave them alone, as tulips are on their gourmet list. The tulips all appear to be Darwin hybrids. Do you get pretty good repeat bloom in successive years?

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Julia NY(6)

mantis: These have only been planted since the fall of 2012 so it is the second season of blooming. I noticed these are shorter than the first year. The deer got some early on in the front garden area and stepped on some others.

Iris are just starting to bloom here and it has been so wet nothing can be done yet with dividing the daylilies. Weeds are growing fast so hopefully we get a couple of days of dry weather. I'm losing patience with Mother Nature but then this too shall pass.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and take a moment to give thanks to those who serve/served in the military.


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