HAVE: 4 Days Left for Hosta Secret Swap Sign Up

hostalover-2008(5)August 25, 2008

Deadline is this Friday-the 29th. Please post if interested in participating.

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

My Hostas have left today for points East. I hope they arrive safe and sound and will be enjoyed for years to come by the recipient of these 5 selections.

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Mine came today from imagooch.I received Elizabeth,Austin Dickson,Amber Tiara, Golden Tiara, Faithful Heart, Allan P. McConnel, Purple Dwarf amd Whirlwind. Thank you so much Imagooch-you're great.

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

Yippee! Mine arrived about 20 minutes ago and they're now rehydrating in rainwater. Kim was kind enough to send me Rosedale Spoons, Whirlwind, Little Aurora, Stiletto, So Sweet and Emerald Tiara. Thanks Kim, appreciate it!

Sorry to see the plants I sent East have not yet been collected at the post office.

Surprises are nice, they're like Xmas these secret trades, but it's also nice to get something you're interested in and that doesn't sound quite right somehow, but it's not as if I'm ungrateful. Suggestion for the participants for next year, direct trades can work out rather nicely as well. During the course of this past year I have done trades with 2 Canucks on GW -Brenda and Myrle- and these worked out just great. And I know Brenda is game for another one next year...by being in contact with a number of people across the country you may be able to set up a few direct trades during the course of a year and give you the opportunity to expand your collection exponentially. By getting an idea of what others actually have to share you may end up getting something that perhaps wasn't even on your most-wanted list. Personally I'm always willing to entertain a trade, one for one, with any Canuck, anytime during active growing season. If you're interested, just drop me an e-mail, either from GW or through my website

Here is a link that might be useful: Pietertje's Hosta List

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imagooch Z6a SW ON(zone 6a Chatham ON)

Thanks Heather for the Hostas that arrived today in the mail. I didn't have Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, Rasberry Sorbet, Ellerbroek or Golden Sculpture I looked them up and they are impressive!!
Did you forget the label on the other one with the purple bud? I can't find it in the bag or the package.
They are getting planted today - thanks to Ike the garden is nice and moist - quite ready to recieve my new plants.

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I finally get a moment to thank Pieterje publicly for the hostas he sent me. I was thrilled to receive Revolution, Feather Boa, Dixie Chick, Stiletto and Platinum Tiara. I didnt have any of these hostas and I am so pleased to add these to my collection. Thanks so much Pieterje! All are planted and seem to have not missed a step .
Thanks so much to Pieterje and to Hostalover-2008 for arranging the swap .


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Sounds like the exchange of hostas went really well. I would have loved to have participated but with lots of the new 2008 purchases still in pots awaiting to go into the ground here yet, and with the garden produce (tomatoes and corn) coming in now, I was unable to take part.

A question...are you sent a list of hostas that the person you are exchanging with has already so that you do not send him/her duplicate hostas?

Since I have close to 200 different varieties of hostas now, I would want to get something new for my collection. Next spring I would like to participate, but would only want to get new varieties for the yard.

How does it work?


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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

Brenda, the idea is for all participants to post a list on their GW profile of what are their most-wanted ones. It's like Christmas in the summer when you participate in these secret trades. You don't necessarily get only plants on your want list, though most try hard to accommodate those wishes. The 5 I sent Signet were not on her list, but she didn't have any of the ones I sent, lucky guess on my part. The problem with want lists is that they are only reflective of what you have been exposed to in terms of cultivars, it could well be that you'd be very happy to have something else that for some reason or other you simply have not seen before. I have always been happy to receive what may be duplicates of what I have already, since it is the thought that counts. Even if I don't really NEED another Minuteman I know I can always do someone else a favour with it.

If you want to make sure you only get plants that are of interest to you as part of a trade you should do what I would call a targeted trade, like you and I did earlier this year. By seeing what the other party has potentially available your interest may be piqued by something you hadn't thought of before. For example, I didn't have Patricia on my want list, but once I saw what it is it was a no-brainer. I know there are some varieties I have that are of interest to you and I'd be happy to entertain another trade with you next year, like I'm trying to do with some of the other participants in this secret trade. There's nothing like being part of a circle of enablers......


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Hi Brenda.
Pieter is correct. This secret swap is just a way to receive items of giving similar to Christmas as you put a wish list in and hope you get something you really want-on my part I try to make sure everyone's trade list on here(GW) is up to date so that I know who has what and who wants what-to keep as many people as happy as possible. Sometimes you get what you want and like Pieter says sometimes you get surprised by new and unexpected items. If you're not interested in that then the secret swap is probably not the exchange for you-you're always welcome to try it though-you nevr know, it is a lot of fun-Christmas for us adults in the gardenning realm.
Happy gardening,

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