anyone have these 'favorite' posts?

kids2spoil(3)February 17, 2005

Been searching archives and google with no luck. I keep hearing about these, and really want to read.

Yuck! what a dog wont eat

Addicted to plants

Bad Neighbors

Gardening Attire

For Guys Only

He Meant Well

Bird poop saga

Cat trouble

Too nasty to compost ( 1 and 2)

Hey Waaaait a minute

Fondling compost

New to this forum

Anyone have these to share? Or any others that were hilarious? Thanks!

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

I'd love to read all those too!

I assume you've read
the Legendary:

You Know You're A Compost Whacko, When...

and, of course:

my Biggest Garden Mistakes

both are laff out loud good!

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