What's Blooming In my yard

organic_kitten(8)April 29, 2013

It's been strange weather, but the blooms are waking up. I think I already posted pics of the snowball bushes and the Japanese maples. The iris are peaking now:

Front Iris Beds (after a huge rain...hard on the blooms)

The bigger daylily bed is beyond these iris. The blueberry bushes are the shrubs on the left past the iris, and the monster New Dawn rose is the big mound of green just to the left of the left iris bed. New Dawn is covered with buds, but a little slow blooming this year. (You can see the greenery of another daylily bed to the right of the right iris bed.)

Back Iris bed: (that splash of white is a fringe tree across from the iris bed, along with some roses, and a row or two of daylilies) Pink double knock- outs are at back of iris bed - far right of picture)

A couple close ups:

Fashion Statement:

Florentine Silk:

And the roses are beginning to bloom:

Louie Phllipe (China)

I love this rose. anytime you get near it, the fragrance just surrounds you...delicate, delicious rose.

Compassion is in bloom, and is a nice contrast next to the old tree:

And I like to sit on my bench, drink lemonade, and look at the garden all around me.

I don't get to do it a lot, since there is a lot of garden and it takes a lot of working, but it is what I like to do. Hope you like the glimpses of my garden this spring.

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Very nice. I'm so jealous...I have only 1 iris with a bud. Love your bench.

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Looks great. Some really beautiful iris. Thats something I need to look into for myself. I have some pretty underwhelming standard purple and yellow iris in my garden that came with the house, but I need to look into some of these more refined blooms.

A few years ago I saw someone on this forum who had planted yellow iris and peonies intermixed and I so loved the look that I did some moving around that fall - only to realize the following year, that my peonies and iris didnt actually bloom at the same time...........you would think I would have known that!!
We finally have spring weather in WI, but the only thing blooming for me so far are crocus. Lots to look forward to.

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Gorgeous flowers! TFS

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Thanks so much Sandy. But just think, when your iris start blooming, mine will be just foliage again.

Mandolls, I am going to move some of my iris among the roses instead of just leaving them in beds of their own...I plan to turn one bed into a general flower bed and my daughter and a neighbor friend will get some iris too. Some of my peonys bloom with the iris, and some don't, so I understand what you mean.

Thanks Luckygal. Your spring is bound to be on its way.

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Beautiful garden pics. Those iris are just to die for. :)

I know what you mean about not spending much time sitting in the garden. I reused last fall I had hardly spent any time in my new bench. I need to position it in a place where I can sit and view my problem areas so I can sit and scheme about how to fix things.

Last year I happily discovered my iris and peonies bloomed at the same time. Also hardy glass, white allium and Dutch iris. This year some things are seeming slower to wake up so they might not be do well coordinated.

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trosesoftrilliums, I needed to spend more time sitting and less mulching today. wound up coming inside and collapsing in chair. I know I'm not as young as I once was, but I need to finish that last bed.

One of my peonies is finished, one is just about to start blooming, and one is just beginning to form buds. No correlation at all. Some of the roses bloom with the iris, however.

Like you said, I am usually planning what I need to do next in the garden when I am sitting.

Thank you so much for the iris compliments.

I agree about the slow wake up too. My New Dawn rose is usually covered with blooms now...I think one is open and the others are just buds. Daylilies are late. Ah well.

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Your iris's are beautiful as are the gardens in general.So far only my yellow and purple iris's are blooming,i'm waiting to see where my pink ones are.Dh dug them all up a couple years ago as he wanted to plant something else.He threw them behind the fence,but I rescued them,and planted them in a different place.The yellows are blooming their fool heads off.

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Oh I had some auto correct mishaps on my previous post. Ops!

Next year I think I need to start an intense exercise training program in Feb so I can build up my endurance for all the spring tasks. I love doing them but the sudden burst of activity has seemed harder than usual on me. Need to do more lunges, deep knee squats and simulated shoveling. Somehow none of that sounds quite as fun as gardening!

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Kathy, iris are tough, tough plants. I'm sure the pinks will bloom so long as the rhizome is uncovered. I have too many iris and plan to downsize a bit this year.


Every year it gets harder it seems. It takes a couple weeks to get to where I can spend all day in the garden, and even then, somedays I don't get as much done as I should. Like today, for instance. I was determined to finish the last big daylily bed, weeding and mulching. Well, I got 3/4 of it done and had to quit for the day. We are going to the gym 3 days a week, but it seems to make me more rather than less tired. No fair at all.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Beautiful. Your fringe tree is wonderful- they don't bloom like that here. I am also in love with your viburnums.

Louis Phillipe is exquisite.

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