A Few Early Morning Pics Thursday May 17

najoba(8b)May 17, 2012

Let there be light! The tree cutters/trimmers will be here this morning to haul away the debris. The daylilies seem happy and most of them had turned their lovely little heads toward the morning sun. By this time next week, the board fence will be gone and a new wrought iron fence should give them more sunlight.

Please note: I didn't make the pictures this size. I don't know why they are so huge. Photobucket has gone and done it again - changed things up. What to do? I made them the standard 3 inches. ??? Photobucket wouldn't upload them unless I selected Best Picture Size. I could not upload them otherwise.

Aftermath (Maggie and litte bitty Peaches are surveying the mess.)

Here are a few early morning pictures I took while waiting for the clean-up crew to arrive:



WINGBEATS (background blurred, didn't think you'd want to see garden hose)

Now for the big clean-up job! Daylilies are covered in sawdust, and the tree cutting made some evil black flying insects mad. They kept dive-bombing me and landing in my hair yesterday. I don't know what they are - they are as bigger than a bee. At least I didn't get stung yesterday.


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They just keep getting better! I love Ledgewood's Pansy Eye but then I love purple. Wingbeats is lovely both the color and form. Marg

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Ooh, nice ones--I like the colors of all of them. Ledgewood Pansy Eye is very bright, and I really like Lambertson's hybrids, need to acquire some of them.

About that nasty bee-type thing. It may be what we get here occasionally. It is very aggressive and also territorial. I am usually attacked by this thing when I am walking by wooded areas. I finally started wearing a hat with a big bill to use to swat the monsters. If I don't kill it, it will keep on and on until I get past the area. Once I had two of these after me--not fun. Avedon

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I asbsolutely love Pansy Eye!

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Nancy zone 6

L. Pansy Eye is gorgeous, but then they are all lovely. You will have lots of light not for the daylilies.
I had problems with Photobucket this morning, wouldn't upload because of sizing or something. I didn't know what to do, I'm lucky just to get the pictures on normally. This afternoon I tried again & everything went fine. Some quirk happening this morning.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Great looking yard there. And it will be so nice to have that extra light.

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Wow!!! I love Ledgewood Pansy Eye I just might have to add it to the list.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

I hope the clean-up crew did a good job. l P E is stunning! I love that one!!Ellie

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The tree cutters came and picked up all the debris. They did a good job, but got our neighbor angry because they came through their driveway to get to the vacant lot next door. They had cut an enormous limb that had fallen over there. They left some ruts in the yard, so I had to do some tall apologizing, etc.

Our pest control man came this afternoon and identified the flying demons as metallic beetles. They were all over the trees, and he said they were after the sap that was oozing after having the branches trimmed. They were dive-bombing me while he was here. I had to wear a hat today to keep them out of my hair. He'll be back next week to spray for them.

This post disappeared this morning, but I see it is back on the forum again. I hope I don't have any more problems with Photobucket.


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Julia NY(6)

Nice pics Nancy of your blooms.

Never heard of those type of beetles.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Look at all that light for your daylilies! They will be so happy. I have SO many trees on my property that most of my gardens are semi-shaded but there are too many trees for us to tackle. I'll bet my lilies would jump for joy if they heard chainsaws...LOL.

That last daylily is very striking. I love the form and the color.


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shive(6b TN)

Ledgewood's Pansy Eye is quite the stunner! Your seedlings both look promising.


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