Inherited mystery conifers, please help ID...(pic heavy)

lolauren(7a)July 14, 2012

I have four types of conifers given to me that I am not sure exactly what they are and one that I'd appreciate more info on. Can anyone help me ID?

Unknown pinus #1 has multi-colored needles:

Unknown pinus #2 has more rigid needles:

Unknown picea? #3:

Unknown picea graft #4:

Finally, a labelled plant, but I'm wondering if anyone can give me details on growth/habit/etc?

Thank you!!

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"Picea orientalis 'pendula' - Weeping Japanese Spruce"

That's funny! If by Japanese, they meant the Caucasus Mountains of Russia and Georgia, then they got it about right.

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Isn't the island of Japan in Russia? ;) I was guessing that common name was wrong... Sounds like someone was geographically challenged. As an aside, the plants above are all from different growers around Portland, OR.

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#1 is one of the white pines.

#2 is a Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris cultivar.

#3 is a Caucasian Spruce Picea orientalis cultivar.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

4 looks like picea abies 'pendula' ... at least theat the name i know it under ...

what we dont know.. is if any of them will have a winter color.. such as #2 ... if so.. report back .. it could be aurea.. or gold coin.. though i see no hint of such...

same with 3 ..

and 1 ...


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Thanks, all. I will report back if the colors change to help ID further. For now, I appreciate the identification so I can research growth habit.

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