Here's what's blooming at my house.

kathi_mdgdApril 27, 2013

One of our bougainvillias.

new petunias this year

yellow brub and aeonium kiwi in background



Enjoy the view.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

That bougie is to die for. The color is on fire!

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Beautiful and very cheerful, your pics put a smile on my face this morning.


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Do you train the bouganvilla in that shape? Never seen one quite like that. Great color too.

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I asked for photos and you supplied!
What a koinki dink!

I LOVE those petunias. Love that coral color!!! Va va VOOM!

Bougainvillea is sold an annual for gosh sakes. But until I get my gigantic "Dream Greenhouse", I am not buying any. I plan on growing a Bougainvillaea that grows all the way up to the ceiling and arching over, where it will remain year round. I will place a little table and chairs out there where I can sit and have my morning coffee in the winter while looking out into the snow. Well, that's my dream. Found just the one too. Only $6,000 with everything and they haul it and set it up too! Might as well be a million.
Anyway, I can just look at your pictures and enjoy.


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DH trains it that way,in fact it's about ready for a haircut.He does some of our hibiscus the same way.

The guy across the street is training a purple potato bush the same way,dh showed him how.

Glad you all enjoyed the pics,and as you did I guess you figured out I finally got PB to co-operate with me.LOL

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

One of the prettiest bougainvilleas I ever saw was at the zoo in Brownsville, TX. It was purple and went up a light pole and across the street.
When I was visiting family in AZ she showed me how to open the burglar bars in the bedroom. I told her it would have to be one hellious fire for me to go out that window. When she asked why, I told here there was no way I would crawl through that bougainvillea. She had to laugh as it was as tall as the house and wider than the picture window.
Diane has a pink and white bougie trained as a standard. From a distance the flowers look like sweet peas.

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That is a gorgeous bougainvillea. And I really like the clivia too. Your garden is beautiful.

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Beautiful! TFS

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Hi Kathi,..beautiful Bougainvillea,..and i am in awe of your Clivia as i have two growing from seeds but in their infancy just now,..i have a long wait.

You have lots of nice blooms, your big plant holder, it all one piece.


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Did you mean the pot in the 2nd picture?? If so no they aren't one piece,there of 4 of them and they lock together,so each one overhangs the one below it.I have 2 sets of them.

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Hi Kathi,..yes that is the pot,.. the one in the second picture,..i like that pot even better now that you mention it comes in four pieces,..very convenient,


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I've had those pots for several years,dh got them from QVC.Now I see them in the 99cent store here,same thing but in a terra cotta color.
My other set of them I have filled with succulents.

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