WANTED: Adeniums &/or Pachypodiums, where to get in Canada

rcharles_gwSeptember 14, 2011

I am wondering if anyone could tell me where one could get Adeniums and Pachypodiums in Canada.


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Richard, you might find some info here :


Also I know this sounds crazy but check your local Walmart they often have exotics like you are looking for .
If I discover any other sites I will post them here

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I happen to have one of each. I bought my Pachypodium at the CNE and I just bought an Adenium from a local plant sale. I do know of one nursery that has Adenium for sale in 3.5" pots. These sources are in Ontario. I guess if all else fails you can maybe get someone to mail the plant to you?

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Try Valley Succulents in BC.


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