Burgundy Okra

Sandi_W(7b/8)April 30, 2012

I just received my burgundy okra seeds and want to plant some tomorrow scattered around in my flower beds. I've read they get from 4 to 7 ft tall, but can cut the growing tip when they reach 4'. I've never grown okra and have a few questions.

Should I direct sow or sow in 6 packs? I haven't found how big around they grow so can someone tell me how far to plant them from other plants? Does anyone have any pics of okra growing in with flowers? Thanks.

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you direct sow them. They do not like being transplanted. They can grow to about 4 feet. I've not seen them grow taller but it can happen. Okra's are related to hibiscus and so don't be surprise that their flowers resemble hibiscus like the rose of sharon. You will need to grow several in order to have a good harvest. I like them fried. Sometimes steamed but I like mine then dipped in soy sauce or something salty.

They do need some space in between plants. I wish I took photos of my okra growing among my flowers but I hadn't taken photos then. You should just look into the instruction on the back of the seed pack. If you don't have such instructions, you can probably just look into a seed supplier and look for their information online.

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Thank you ianna. My seed packets have only generic info on planting seeds. Same info on every packet. I was surprised to see packets like that. I found info online about spacing, but it was mostly about row spacing and hoped someone had actual experience they could share.
Okra is delicious cooked in with small green butterbeans, field peas, etc. Also, homemade veggie soup. And of course fried. Born and raised in the South!

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

I would give it maybe 18 inches. I have had much better success with germination when soaking the seeds first. I have started mine in peat strips and had no problems transplanting. This is my first year trying the Burgundy. My favorite preparation is cut into strips, tossed with a little oil, chickpea flour and cayenne and then microved for crispy fries that we then dip into a mint-garlic-yogurt sauce.

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My burgundy okra grew to 7 ft.
It was beautiful!
The flowers were creamy yellow with burgundy tinges at the center. The pods were very long, burgundy/purple and just gorgeous. I have some pics in my files somewhere.
I ordered the seeds from a family business in Texas.

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tishtosh, I've never had okra cooked that way, but will try it. It sounds good. How long did you soak the seeds?

sweetannie, I had read that they could get that tall. I've got some empty spaces so I'm, going to plant them.

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Put the seeds in a bowl.
Pour hot water on them, enough to cover them.
Let them sit over night.
Plant the seeds the next morning.
Use the water when you plant them - don't waste it.

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Thank you sweetannie4u. I'll be planting them in among the flowers in the morning.

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here is a pic of the burgundy okra I grew one summer.

You can see how the okra plants towered over my head.

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sweetannie4u, Oh that is a very striking plant. Thanks for the pic.

I'm going to love having it grow (And eating it). I planted my okra seeds in 3 packs this morning because I couldn't decide where to plant them and so far all of the seeds I've direct sowed have not done well at all.

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The seed packet said 85% germination so I planted 12 seeds. All 12 seeds are up 1/2" to 1". I am amazed they're already up that big in 2 days. I thought I had several weeks to prepare my areas to plant them, but think I better start now. I'm not sure I have enough room in full sun for all 12, but I'll make room.

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