Ann - 6 - PAFebruary 28, 2000

To me the most beautiful-smelling flower is the peacock orchid (acidanthera) It smells so clean....kind of reminds me of Coppertone. It's the one plant I absolutely have to smell every day while it's blooming!

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Jwj - mt5

Very interesting,my weiner dog and hubby run around sniffing everything, their favs are roses and anything with vanilla undertones,helitrope,valerian,butterfly weed,etc

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Evelyn - 7-8

Snapdragons are delicious, and well as petunias, pelargoniums, violets...and the smell of freshly tilled soil...or after a rain. Doesn't that smell nice?

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Eileen - IL. Zone 5

Hi Ann!

My favorite smells are Lavender #1, then Moonflowers, Heliotrope, roses, mignonettes, stocks ( em, even though they only last a few short weeks for me, before it gets to hot for them here), I even like the smell of clematis paniculata (although the vine gets so big and full of bloom that the smell gets overwhelming. Certain peonies smell wonderful, like Sarah Bernhardt, Vivid Rose, and Pardon Me. But the weirdest smelling peony I have is Coral Charm. It has the awfullest smell. Is that normal? Or is there something in my soil? I've never smelled a stinky peony before that one. I really like the smell of lemon thyme and basil too!

I also love the smell of Acidanthera too! And I think it's a lovely bulb. Very elegant in bloom. For the life of me, I can't figure out why the are soooo inexpensive to buy. You would think they'd be expensive. I'm surprised they are not more popular too! Although I suppose that that is why they are inexpensive. Not that I'm complaining, it's nice to have such a nice plant that is so affordable. They must be easy to propagate or multiply quickly, I don't know. Here in Illinois they are not hardy and since they are so inexpensive I don't save the old ones, just purchase them new every year.


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Karen Orr SC 7B

Sweet Autumn Clematis ...... mummmmm

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poisonivy - 7-8

I like the smell of hyacinths, and love the smells of lilac and lily of the valley. My hyacinths are just starting to bloom and everytime I walk out my door I just have to take a deep breath and hold it as long as I can to keep the smell around as long as possible. Boy do they smell good.

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Evelyn - 7

Oh, another wonderful fragrance that has been lingering in my garden lately....daphne. It has been in bloom for about a month now...but the weather is warming, so it's finally beginning to fade...along with the violets...

It looked so lovely behind the hellebore...

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Linda - 7

Lilacs and fresh mown hay. Takes me right back home to my childhood.

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Marlene Wenrick - 5

Night Blooming Jasmine takes me back to the days visiting my grandmother in Florida.

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Amy - 10

Hi all

I love the smell of Citrus when it's in bloom, but goodness, it does a number on my allergies. We have 2 very old grapefruits, and a very small navel orange. I'll miss the blooms when they are gone, but not my sneezing, watery eyes, and all of that other "fun" stuff!

happy planting


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Bob zone 6 NW NJ

Common Milkweed, smells great.

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Evelyn - 7-8/N.CA foothills

Oh, did I forget to mention sweet peas??MMMM....

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sister 8 seattle

Nicotiana (flowering tobacco) on a summer night...

Worst smell: Shasta daisies. The first year I had them I made these huge, lovely bouquets & within a day I was wandering around the house going "What is that smell? It smells like FEET in here!" Now I leave them in the garden to be enjoyed. Usually they don't smell, but in late summer sometimes it starts getting a little "feety" out there!

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Dtkaty z8b Katy,TX

Angels Trumpets(Brugsmansia), Orange blossoms, jasmine,moonvine,Crimoise Superior antique rose, petunia,rangoon creeper....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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annhi 7

Hi All,

I'm taking a course in Web page design and am creating a fragrance garden for my final web page project. I need
pictures of specific plants and am having a hard time finding some of them. If you could help me out with photos of
these plants in bloom, I will happily credit you with your photo contribution. I need:

moonvine (brookwoodii brookwood viburnum)*REALLY need*
narcissus jonquilla
hybrid hyacinth
hesperis matronalis
peony (old-fashioned double white variety)
nicotiana alata "starship" white
four-o'clock (mirabilis jalapa - the historic, white flowered variety)
fragrant hosta (hosta plantaginea "royal standard")
resurrection lily
and a good picture of a Royal Pawlonia tree in bloom (talk about WONDERFUL fragrance!).

Time is of the essence as my project must be posted by May 2, 2001. I'll be happy to give you my student account #
at school when I've got something to see besides "stupid student exercise stuff". Any help y'all can provide is MOST
appreciated. -Anne (

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Dan Zone7NJ

Valerians my favorite.

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MissusD 9

Cestrum Nocturnum aka Night blooming jessamine. Just divine! Sometimes it's so powerful it'll knock you down!

Honeysuckle- the common Hall's is the best! I remember visiting Tennessee years ago. The smell of honeysuckle greeted me when I stepped off the plane!

Cal Native Dendromecon Harfordii also known as Island Bush Poppy has a most unusual fragrance- Watermelon and peaches!

I always have to run my hands through my rosemary or my lavender when I walk past it! Scented geraniums are fun too. I tell my kids these plants are "Touch and Sniffs"

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BerkshirePhyl z5a MA

A handful of lemon balm. An invasive plant that is enjoyable to pull.

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Chris394 7a

What about Magnolias??

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Dianthus smells just like a sweet cinnamon stick. The subtle scent of sweet alyssum around a patio is also lovely.

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Some of my favorite "rusty" smells are marigold leaves, tomato leaves, bee balm, the sages, and skunks (seriously, I enjoy skunk smell from far away, not up too close). For sweet smells I love honeysuckle, sweet alyssum, and lavender.

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christiner(S. Oregon zone7)

I am glad to not be the only one who doesn't mind skunk smell.

But nothing beats hyacinths, although the list of close seconds is quite long. (Daphne, alyssum, rosemary and honeysuckle for starters.)

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hopflower(z8/z15 CA Sunset)

Nothing in the world beats a sweet pea, although there are many other wonderful scents around,of course!

    Bookmark   February 27, 2003 at 10:52AM
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