identify conifer

qwadeJuly 17, 2014

Can someone please identify this conifer. Bought it tagless at a flea market. No cones to help.

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And another view

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It's a blue atlas cedar - Cedrus libani ssp. atlantica, var. glauca, and it's planted way too close to the house. In time, this will be an enormous tree.

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Thanks for the fast reply. The new growth looked like it only pushed 4-6 inches. I was thinking it was a dwarf variety and a slow grower. The proximity to the house was a concern and is why I posted.Should have checked before I planted.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If it is 'Horstmann' it will not become enormous but will still produce a tree.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

man i wish i have conifer flea markets ..

see link as to potential .. as to maples suggestion..

copy/paste this link as to bboys suggestion:

your shorter annual growth MIGHT indicate bboys suggestion .. but i would give it three years to get settled in.. before you will know its true annual growth rate.. to understand if its the monster.. or the dwarf ... wait.. you didnt tell us how long its been in situ ...


Here is a link that might be useful: yikes ... lol

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I just picked this up 2 weeks ago. Yes I have seen the monster it could be. Yes this lady sells trees at the same spot every Sunday. I have bought maples Acer Palmatums from her. she also has conifers. Nothing is taged and most are severely root bound.but the price is right. Everything starts at $50 and i usually get it for 30 or 35. This past sunday i got a mugo '?' for 20. I will leave the cedar where it is and prune. I also do bonsai, so I know a little about keeping it small.

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A little wire and some shears and with some patience I will try to shootvfor something like this.

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or maybe I'll go espalier!

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