HAVE: funky annuals

bev_w(6a)September 21, 2007

I have fresh seed from the following:

- Celosia spicata "Flamingo Feather" A bit fussy to grow, but worth the trouble. ~ 24"

- Orlaya "White lace" Looks great with California Poppy. ~18". Long bloom season if deadheaded. Self seeds nicely.

- Tithonia "Goldfinger" shrub-like, dwarf (~4'), orange-red flowers that butterflies and bees just love

- Calendula "Pink Surprise" slightly pink blooms, otherwise a typical Calendula

- Heliopsis "Lorraine Sunshine" . Ok this is a perennial. Has variegated foliage, about 60% of seedlings come true-- others will be regular green foliage

- Mirabilis jalapa (Four O'clock) "Limelight" bright lime green leaves with hot pink flowers. Quite a show.

- Gaillardia pulchella (annual) "Sundance bicolour". These just wouldn't stop blooming, even when I got tired of deadheading.

- Malcolmia maritima (Virginia Stock) mixed colours, mostly lilac and white, super performers in drought and heat. Very easy.

- Incarvillea sinensis 'Cheron' (Summer Gloxinia) unbelievably long-blooming. Creamy white flowers do well in part sun

- Nicotiana red selections. Mostly dusky red and dark pink, about 4' tall, long-blooming

- Silene "electra". small fuschia blooms, reseeds prolifically, good for "wild garden" or difficult areas

- Schizanthus. Incredible blooms for a short time. best to succession plant this one. Really nice colour variations, pink-peach-yellow-lilac

- Amaranthus probably "Velvet Curtains" about 4', everything is dark burgundy. And big-- stake these with steel girders.

Trades only, please. I'm looking for:

Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) YELLOW

Alternanthera ÂPurple KnightÂ

Millet "purple Majesty"

Petunia 'Flambe Salmon'

Petunia Tidal Wave Silver

Silybum, (Milk Thistle) Variegated

Convolvulus "Ensign red"

Gaillardia pulchella (annual) "red plume"

Carthamus (safflower) yellow

Nasturtium- Gleam "Golden" or other yellow variety

Delosperma "starburst" or any dark pink or purple variety

Anchusa "dropmore"

Ascepias tuberosa "Hello Yellow" or any yellow-ish variety

Lysimachia atropurpurea "beaujolais" (purple gooseneck / moneywort)

Verbascum "Southern Charm"

Santolina Tomentosa chamaecyparissus

Or tempt me with something unusual, especially drought-tolerant varieties for zone 6.


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