Alternative for Deer Run Spruce?

redshoetravelerJuly 31, 2012

We are working on our new landscaping & are having trouble finding a Deer Run Spruce, which was what was recommended by our landscape designer. We need a small conifer for the location, which is a corner above a pondless waterfall. A weeping atlas cedar is being planted on both sides a little lower than the spruce was to be planted. We live in Utah. A Subalpine Fir & a Black Hills Spruce have been recommended. The Black Hills Spruce seems too large. Any ideas?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

never heard of it ...

see link

IF!!! ... that picture is correct to the plant ... AND .. you look at the 2 foot of new growth on the leader.. and the 18 inches on the laterals.. let me tell you ... it WILL NOT be as the description says :Very narrow and very upright

so forget about that one..

and you ask for other suggestions.. but you fail to list your specs..

color.. form.. etc ..

do understand.. that .. as trees.. every conifer has a predictable annual growth rate ... and it will grow at that rate.. FOREVER ...

MOST size estimates are at 10 years.. and at 20 years.. it will most likely be twice as big ... etc ...

so its all about how big it is when you buy it.. and how fast it will grow beyond such..

what size are you contemplating.. in regard to the waterfall ???

and do plan on a named cultivar.. rather than a species ...

if the waterfall is already there.. it would sure help to provide a picture of the location ... for more precise suggestions ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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We found our Deer Run Spruce up in Layton at J&J Garden Center. Quite the trip but they have an extensive selection of most trees. (We couldn't find the Crimson Spire Oaks that we were looking for however.) We also got a discount for bringing in our landscape plan from Darren.

Another variety that we found from a recommendation of a nursery in Copperton is the Wells Green Knight. It's stated tag size is 25'x10'. Beautiful green color with short needles and small cones. It is also available at J&J Garden Center.

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