HAVE: magnolia acuminata seeds

nyssaman(Z6 ON)September 17, 2007

I have five fresh seeds of Canada's only native Extremely Rare Magnolia. This trade is only open to people living in the Carolinian range of Ontario and will not be traded to anyone north of Toronto to Grand bend nor to other provinces. They should be grown in an area where they do have protection from cold winds and do best in the moderating temp effects of Lake Erie(in a woodlot or close outer edged of a woodlot where protection of north winds is provided). Consideration for trade will be made for those closest to the shores of Lake Erie - its true native habitat - its survivability will be greater there. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow this tree. They are rarely even found in Native plant nurseries. I'm not interested in run of the mill plants please refer to my tradelist as a guideline for what might be acceptable for trade.



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Hi Nyssaman,

I have some Chinese Windmill seeds that I could trade you for the magnolia . Let me know if this interests you


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me again Nyssaman, forgot to mention I have some bulbs for colocasia esculente "ruffles" if you prefer that to the chinese windmill seeds . Let me know


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I live in the east of Toronto, and our winter is mild. Does it fit your criteria for growing Magnolia acuminata? Would like to make a trade, please email me.


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