What to do with Siberian Elm

bungalow_mikee(z10 CA)March 18, 2004

I thought I liked this tree, but it was so villified under the least favorite tree. I did find out that there were many seeds to be picked, but it has been at my new house for years (and the previous owners were not the greatest caretakers). It has NOT gotten out of hand.

Here's the problem. If I trim much of the branches back, it will deprive my garden of much needed shade. I'm planning to put a Japanese Maple underneath it as well as some other shade loving plants... C. Japonicas..

Should I just leave it as is for now until I figure out a enclosure or some other shade solution. It is on the fence line on my neighbor's side.

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DrynDusty(z8 AZ)

I would certainly like to join the ranks of those villifying the Russian elm. I spend a great deal of time digging them out of my fences and other awkward places. On the other hand, I recently read a post about a man who was using them a xeric hedge.
Also, out here on the Navajo Reservation, we're glad to see anything green.

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