What flowers can you plant that will grow under pine trees?

ashliMarch 27, 2005

We have alot of pine trees at the side of our house...is there any type of flower or floweing groundcover that would survive the tree acid? ...already have azaleas and rhodis'...but want something blooming in the summer months too.


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Sorry I can't answer your question right now. But I think its funny because I was going to post the same question! I'm going to try to find the answer to this and when I do I'll share the info with you.

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I have Hostas, periwinkle, dafffodils, grape hyacinth,
tuplips, caladium, tangerine marigold and some others
that I cant even begin to spell a bush that would work well would be the pink hydrangea its the acide in the soil
that turns it pink.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I have trillium, lungwort, Virginia bluebells, rhododendron, cardinal flower, jacob's ladder, canadian ginger, saxifraga, heuchera, hepatica, spring beauties, various ferns...I know there are others but I can't think of them at the moment.

Btw, I only have one white pine but it's massively big. It's surrounded by several dogwoods.

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icotte(z9 CA)

I have a huge pine tree with a flower bed beneath it. I fill it with Impatiens wallerana and they do great.

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Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis) and wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) will do the trick. Both are native and excellent groundcovers. For non-native plants, try Campanula takesimana (Korean Bellflower) which grows to about 2-3' high and will bloom most of the summer, with fat, pendulous creamy white bells with burgundy markings inside. A little too rambunctious for good garden soil, but it excels in poor areas of the garden, where its colonizing area is somewhat contained.

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Thanks....I will try some of your suggestions...I plant impatiens every spring ...but never before under pine trees...but this year I will try it.
I know petunias do not like the acid soil.

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I did impatiens last year and they did great- try it and good luck!!

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becky_jean(z8 GA)

the flower bed beneath one of our pine trees has daylilies, azaleas as well as a magnolia tree in it.

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I, too, have a property with beautiful white pines and blue spruce.

I see the pines are thinning at the bottoms and want to plant shrubs underneath. Sun will be minimal in one part of the property.

What do you folks suggest? I am trying astilbes and ferns for some small frontal areas. But, I need something that will grow to 5-6 feet tall to provide privacy.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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winter_unfazed(USDA Zone 6, MO)

Something in the genus Vaccinium.

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i have pansies and snapdragons and are doing well in louisiana

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THANKS to all who answered my question...(glad I finally asked) especially to those who suggested Impatiens...I love them and have planted them in shady areas for many years...but never near pines...After the Azaleas and Rhodi's stopped blooming, I had a dull-looking side yard...UNTIL last Spring...I planted orange and white Impatiens under the pine trees...and they thrived!
This Spring, I want to add more color...may go wild with Red...ha

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Good Day,
I too have a shade garden under pine trees, two actually. I have Korean Spice bush, hosta, lots of early spring bloomers but by mid summer the only thing that is still looking good is the bush and hostas. It is too dry to keep impatiens alive unless I water daily, I've even tried sinking pots to help hold the moisture, just won't grow. Any suggestions for something that will give me some color during the hot summer and won't require that I have to mortgage my house to pay the water bill?
Thank You,Elphinstone

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My Mom's property up in NY has several big pine trees with Lily of the Valley growing under them. They're wonderfully care-free, lovely to look at, very fragrant, and they populate nicely!

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Here in Colorado people plant Vinca under pine trees. It comes up every year and is very low maintenance. :)

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