Critter tore foliate off new Daylily; will it come back?

jenn(SoCal 9/19)May 18, 2012

A critter that invades our yard at night tore off ALL the stems of a new Daylily 'Bali Watercolor' I just planted last month, including the first new buds!! I feel sick; nothing remains above the soil but my husband (who discovered the carnage) said the bulb is still there.

If I keep it watered, will it grow new leaves?

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It should grow back. I lost what I thought was an entire plant of a seedling I had planned to register this year. I see it has come back with one fan. I'm so sorry to hear of your calamity. Bali Watercolor is so beautiful!


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But don't over could rot it and then it will be gone. Daylilies are beautiful, and they are as tough as they are beautiful. I'm so sorry.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Thank you. And of course I meant foliage, not foliate. I'll keep an eye out for new growth and won't over water it.

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I would also put some kind of little fence around it. In my case it's squirrels, I think, they go after newly planted daylilies, so I now put chicken wire around some.

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