What is your favorite Rock Garden Plant?

juudyshouse2012March 26, 2007

I just ran across this thread and it is full of good ideas and information. I started a rock garden on a slope a few years ago and love adding new plants to it. One of my favorites is Snowcap Rockcress because it is the first to bloom in my rock garden and it tells me spring is finally here!!!

What's your favorite?

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So far, dwarf heaths.


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Do you know the Botanical name for it? I think I have some smaller varieties of heathers in my rock garden. 8" to 12" a Calluna Vulgaris and Erica darleyensis, but I didn't get any heaths. What's the difference between a heather and a heath? After checking into it a little, it seems like my Erica darleyensis is a heath and the Calluna Vulgaris is a heather.

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Hi again, judysgardens.

There's a Heaths & Heathers forum where I think you'll find answers to your questions. You could also search hortiplex on the gardenweb home page to identify the types of plants you have and their nomenclatures (you can search by common names or Latin ones). Great plants, by the way, if you have the conditions that suit them.


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Check out Dahlberg Daisy. We have it growing all over our yard. It seems to thrive well even without any watering for a few weeks. I love it's fragrance that makes the garden feel alive!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dahlberg Daisy

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