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rina_September 14, 2012

I would like to get some Bocking 14 or 4.

Anyone out there willing to share?

Thank you. Rina

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I have just regular old comfrey. bought a few years ago as just comfrey, so I am not sure if it would be 4 or 14.
if you are interested, let me know by posting here or to my e-mail address on my page. maybe if you are close by and you want some, a pick up could be arranged.

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I would like to get some bocking 14 as well.

greylady-gardener, does your comfrey go to seed/spread? The 4 and 14 varieties are sterile, and the 'common comfrey' spreads.


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madness123--the comfrey I have has stayed in a nice sized clump. I don't think I have ever let it go to seed. i do let it flower as the flowers are very pretty and they attract lots of bees, but I usually chop it right down as the flowers fade, and add it to the compost pile. It grows right back as if nothing ever happened.
I have the biggest clump growing beside the compost pile so it is convenient to add it. It is supposed to be a good thing to get your compost pile working well and speed up the decomposing.

I got my plant as just comfrey so I don't think it is either 4 or 14 (I didn't even know about other kinds )

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I have the bocking 14 from Richters. Please fwd your trade list. Roots are pretty heavy for the mail...

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There isn't address to send PM to you - mine is on 'my page', pls. let me know where are you located. Thank you. Rina

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