How to propagate a dusty miller?

haxuan(Vietnam)May 11, 2008

I brought back a dusty miller (thanks to Edna as the donner) from the US and planted it in my garden. It has been branching a lot but never blooms so I don't get any seeds.

I want to have more of this plant. Please advise how I can propagate it. Thanks.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Hi Xuan,
Dusty Miller is another you can propagate by semi-hardwood (bend but don't snap) pieces. You can also divide if the plant is mature enough some of the basal stems might already have roots on them.
Bye the way, you've got some lovely Hoya's and lucky you, you can actually collect some from the wild. I got another lacunosa, "Poonsak" this time in my order from D Liddle. Have you found a source for lacunosa yet?


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I planted one dusty miller several years ago and it has come back year after year even though I have tried my best to yank all the roots out. I can't get rid of it. I never had an annual that was actually somewhat invasive before!

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Hi Annette and thanks for your advice about the Dusty Miller. I'll check to see if the branches have roots.
I haven't found lacunosa yet. It's difficult to find different species on sale here!!! I've been searching all the time for them. Lately my net-friends sent me some cuttings, which are mostly NOIDs, so I hope lacunosa to be among them!

msscarlet... I really wish my Dusty Miller to be somewhat 'invasive'. I want to have more of them for my containers.


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