katsols(7b)March 20, 2012

I recently got a an abutilon kristens pink and i love it so much and it's very pretty. I stumbled upon it on the logee's website and it was a little tough finding info on this plant.

Here is a picture of its first flower, i was so busy with college i forgot to take one when it was fully opened, it looks a bit like a miniature hibiscus. My abutilon is a little bigger compared to the pic and it's about to give me two flowers =]

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My Abutilon likes only morning sun, they are beautiful plants, very similar to hibiscus.

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My Abutilons are in partial shade. My dog picked the first one out at the nursery. Over a year, it grew from about 12" to about 3-4'. That was after I planted it in the ground a few feet from my dog compost site which is dug into the clay soil. I noticed that the extra nitrogen shot it up fast.
Then I planted a mottled one that was a few feet tall when I got that one. It is over 10-12' tall and is above the roof. Since I cannot reach that and do not have a ladder, it is still tall. I am thinking about cutting off a few feet on the side branches I can reach, start new plants from cuttings, and try to urge the plant to grow more lateral branches. I love the Abutilons. Mine have scales but I heard that the Lady Bugs like to nest around the scales so their grub can eat off them. I need some more plants that draw more Lady Bugs so they can take care of the Abutilons. These are some of my favorite plants.

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