Ginkgo ID ??

lizo(SE WI zone 5)July 12, 2014

I bought this 6' B&B tree in 2007- the nursery said it was Autumn Gold 'The President' (no tags, it was forgotten in a corner growing unstaked).

After observing it for 7 years and studying this forum I believe it may be a Golden Globe.

It has grown fast- almost doubled in size in seven years. It is now about 12' tall with a 12' spread.

Its trunk zigzags and has no central leader- it is densely branched.

It has a very dense, rounded crown, with a spread more horizontal than vertical.

It has typical leaves in size and shape. The color is bright green with hints of chartreuse in summer, gold in fall.

Can anyone ID this tree? Thanks!

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

To id a Ginkgo without a pic is impossible. Can you get one?

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lizo(SE WI zone 5)

Hmm- didn't upload the photo the first time- here it is again!

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lizo(SE WI zone 5)

Another photo

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lizo(SE WI zone 5)

One more, showing branching

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Odds are you have Autumn Gold. The President is a completely different cultivar and usually has a strong central leader, unlike Autumn Gold.

Golden Globe is a very uncommon cultivar especially for a b&b plant in this area.

At this point I think you have Autumn Gold or a species tree.

Its a nice tree by the way. It may throw up a leader at some point.

Both my Autumn Gold (from different sources) look similar to yours with more vigorous laterals.

PS: Please feel free to share more pics of your yard!

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lizo(SE WI zone 5)

Thank you! I like to know what a plant is. This one got off to a strange start at the nursery so may not be typical. I liked the way the trunk developed.

Not sure where to post pictures, but here is one more ginkgo since it's on topic- bought it as Spring Grove- believe it is now called Jehoshaphat.

Planted this in 2006, it's almost 4 feet tall now- juts out every which way. I have never shaped it, probably won't.

To the left is a Motherlode juniper, and a picea abies Mariana, and to the right is a CJ pine limping along after the brutal winter. This bed is full sun/full exposure and I have never tried to protect the CJ- maybe this winter I will. It really is a cute little tree even though it burns. I am thinking it's on P. sylvestris stock. I contacted Gossler Farms to ask but they haven't responded yet.

In the background is a weeping Norway spruce and some juniper spirals that took a beating this I think they have tip blight. They may have to come out soon.

At any rate, these are a few of my babies! I have found this forum very helpful over the years. I am indebted to many of you on here for guidance, even thought I haven't really posted before! :)

Thanks again!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Not sure where to post pictures,

==>> you start a new post.. put the latin name in the title... and tell us how old.. etc.. jsut like you did above.. but do separate posts ... on say.. separate beds ...

and we all oooh.. and ahhh ...

just entertain us.. lol ... we will be happy ...

presuming winter was not much better for you.. than me in adrian MI ... did you suffer a lot of damage ...


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lizo(SE WI zone 5)

Thanks Ken-

Yes, I had a lot of winter damage, mostly to boxwoods, junipers and dwarf Alberta spruce.

Some of those have to be removed (many are already gone) but I don't mind because it forces me to get in there and rework parts of the garden.

I am transitioning from an English style to Japanese as beds need reworking.

I have a lot of JMs that came through fine, which is unbelievable! They are in a protected area, the spot is zone 6 at best. I lost the tops of Sango Kaku and Orange Dream but they will recover- about 8 more varieties sailed right through (even A. shirawasanum out on a raised berm unprotected! See photo- the others are behind the red fence). There is a Picea abies 'Little Gem' on this berm- it lost some branches 2 years ago and had big holes- I have it tied to reform it into a globe again.

The lesson I learned is the conifers/evergreens need winter protection from now on!

No more lazy autumn slacking- I need to so some serious sun/wind screening before we get another bad winter.

Is there a thread on here about how to best do that?

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

You shouldn't have any other problems if you move away from boxwoods, yews, certain juniper, alberta spruce and picea orientalis. The rest of the hardy conifers will be fine with you being so close to the lake and at a lower elevation.

Of the forementioned I only grew Picea orientalis which suffered greatly. Otherwise with the exception of a few random plants here and there, all my conifers did well.

I have noble firs and Bosnian pines still rolling along.

I had more problems with deciduous plants more than anything.

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pastaetr(Keokuk, Iowa z5)

Your smaller ginkgo may well be 'Spring Grove'. Jehoshaphat is another of the four ginkgo brooms from Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery.
Jehoshaphat (Spring Grove #86)
Queen City
Spring Grove
Spring Grove #22

Here is a seemingly more dwarf sport of Jehoshaphat that remains diminutive into July, 2014, so we're hoping it will stay tiny. The leaf shape is similar to Jehoshaphat so that trait may be helpful in distinguishing between 'Spring Grove' and 'Jehoshaphat'.

We call the wee one 'Jehosha Baby'.

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lizo(SE WI zone 5)

So cute!! It looks like Alchemilla mollis.

You are right about mine then- the leaf is very different- flat and lobed like my other ginkgo.

I didn't know there were four from Spring Grove!

I love this forum!

whaas- I just moved a Bosnian pine- it was getting crowded out of its spot. It had a little winter burn but only 10% maybe...its small though, only 4.5' still.

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