Favorite long blooming sun lovers.

yeona_skyApril 11, 2004

What's your favorite sun loving, long blooming plants? I read on the the perennials forum about two partial shade long bloomers, Geranium Rozanne, and Corydalis ochroleuca, which both bloom for many months, at least in zone 5b/6a, where David gardens, but I haven't found any real sun loving long bloomers. I've linked the site and saved the thread, for future reference.



Geranium Rozanne link.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

We're almost frost-free here in Northern CA, San Francisco Bay Area, so we are lucky to have many long-blooming sun lovers. Euryops is practically ever-blooming, as are osteospermums and argyranthemums. The roses start blooming in March and end in November. Abutilons and oleanders will flower for 6-7 months at a time. Pelargoniums, particularly in sheltered spots, bloom sporadically all year long, as do passiflora vines. Citrus have a long bloom period here also, particularly the Meyer lemon bush, which is so vigorous when young unlike most citrus, so it is usually setting some flowers at any given point during the year and wafting out that fabulous perfume. Tagetes lemonii is also almost always in bloom although its biggest show is in late summer.

My bearded iris (an old, tough, unnamed variety) bloom at least twice a year and most of them are in partial shade so there's always an errant one coming out with an out-of-season bloom somewhere. I love the tall annual celosias and usually plant a few six-paks in various spots. Marigolds never seem to work for me, they seem to need a lot more water than I'm willing to give them. I keep reading that they're drought-resistant, but not in my garden, apparently!

Lantanas bloom forever although the shrub lantanas always look disgustingly ratty and mildewed in our cold wet winters. But the trailing lantanas do beautifully here and never stop blooming. Aptenia cordifolia also blooms year-round in the sun. Nasturtiums bloom for quite a long time and of course reseed prolifically--like thyme, you will NEVER be rid of it, once planted!

I had some lovely scaevola plants for a while, but the lantana and aptenia were too vigorous for them and after a while they died off, but managed a few delicate violet-blue blooms even till the bitter end.

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rross(NSW Aust)

Here in Sydney I can count on zonal pelargoniums, dipladenias, clove pinks (Mrs Sinkins) and abutilons to bloom all year round. And I have portulacas blooming every day from spring to late autumn.

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I really like dark red ivy geraniums and day lillies

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Photobug(Z6 Central Ohio)

I love catmint, fairy roses and buddelia (sorry about the spelling) for long blooms in the sun. My catmint has started to bloom now and will bloom through October. The other two won't start until around June but will continue through Fall. The catmint also looks great at the base of the roses or buddelia.

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gradymom(z5/6 MD)

Love Russian and Pineapple Sages and lavender, as well as, hollyhocks!

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Thanks everyone for the replies. Jkom51, your garden sounds wonderful, and I love the pics you have on the plants database. I wonder if I can grow the Meyer Lemon, here in wet winter zone 8. I just love the thought of evergreen, with scented, long blooming flowers, AND fruit.

I have sage, and lavender, but am trying to find catmint, Walker's Low, as lots of people reccommend that one.

Hey Jkom51, I just looked at your homepage and we we have the same birthdate. I was born on May 20/57. Must mean that Taurus Gemini cusp people are attracted to gardening, and mild weather! :)


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kaerie22(z8 Austin, TX)

Moss roses are great for the really hot full sun areas. Mine are just starting to bloom, and they go strong through frost. They stand out especially in the hottest part of the summer when everything else languishes. They're supposed to be annuals, but about 1/2 of mine survived the winter under a mulch of dried leaves.
My other stand out full sun plant is a red salvia that came from Wal-Mart. They have them in 6 packs again this year, unlabeled, of course. Only about $1.50 or so, if I remember right. I planted them last April, and I literally have never seen them without blooms.

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