Least favorite plant combination

jayco(5b NY)April 24, 2004

I just have to complain about this. Last week I was in New York City, strolling along Park Avenue. It was a lovely day and of course Park Avenue is extremely well-kept with a lot of plantings. In the wide median there were tons of blooming magnolia soulangia, you know, that pinkish-purple color, and all these blooming magnolias were underplanted with....

Thousands of lipstick red tulips!!!

Yargh! It was the ugliest combo imaginable, especially considering all the other perfectly lovely tulip colors available....

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

Dusty miller & red pelargoniums! So overdone and just plain ewwww!

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jayco(5b NY)

I am resurrecting this thread to complain about bright orange marigolds planted with bright pink impatiens. Yuck!

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)

I am most certianly lacking in a properly-educated aesthetic sense, because to me an arrangement of muddy brown maroon plants (often advertized as purple, true maroon or bronze, and would that they were) with chartreuse/yellow foliage plants, sans any other color, especially leaf green, as a softening agent, looks as appealing, and uses much the same palette, as old vomit on the sidewalk.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating.


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jayco(5b NY)

Whoa, Springcherry, you guys have chartreuse and maroon vomit in Philly? What're folks eating down there? No wait, don't answer that! I guess I don't know what a "properly educated aesthetic" is, but I've always disliked pinks together with bright reds or orange. Wouldn't you think the people who live on Park Ave should have the "educated aesthetic"? But anyway, chartreuse and maroon sounds quite nice, as long as I can get the idea of the puke outta my mind... :)

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juicylucy(z5 IN)

Two of my neighbors have Pepto-Bismol pink carpet roses paired w/Stella Daylilies. To my eye this is a very disturbing combo. I normally don't like pinks and oranges together either, w/the exception of mixed zinnias. I usually plant a mass of State Fair Giant mixed colors in the backyard and somehow the riot of color (pinks & oranges included!) seems to work. They never fail to make me smile!

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babanna(z5 NY)

every year the local bank plants ....marigolds on the outer boxed in flower bed about 3 feet by 10 feet.....with snapdragons....
red ones.
red and gold every single year.........over 15+ yrs and counting.....
I just pray that overnight someone sneaks in there and plants something different....and of course I'm not the only one! Hey let's shake it up and plant anything else please!!!!

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Eye-scorching marigolds and celosias with ageratums. They are especially ugly when spider mites attack, as they usually seem to do in the beds planted around here. Then you not only have the horrible color combination, the blooms sit on top of scraggly brown foliage. Makes my eyes hurt on a hot, dry summer afternoon.

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)

JayCo -- its amazing the colors a vomit's worth of cheesewhiz(from cheesesteaks)beer and nachos with the works can turn. Guess you've never been in Philly during the Mummer's parade.

The funny thing is that in painting as in life, bright red and pink seem hard to combine well. Im not sure why but they are, or at least I find them so. Dark red is much easier to use with pink. And when orange and pink are combined it works best if the pink is a warm pink. A lilac pink and orange can be just so so wrong.

Somehow Ive miscalculated so that Ive got magenta pink, red and orange all in my front yard right now. Its a good thing I love my garden because I almost think its works, but then, as they say, love is blind.


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