WANTED: Trillium rhizomes or seeds

sunita_fleuristeOctober 4, 2007

hiya all,

I m looking for some trillium rhizomes or even seeds as a last resort. I ve bought 2 plants of trillium grandiflorium this spring and they both have died...I know they are supposed to die down after flowering but they are totally gone..no foliage or anything.

If someone has some to share please check my list or else I will pay postage.



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I think rabbits or something might have gotten to them. I know wal mart sells them sometime when the summer bulbs come out

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You may be right...I saw rabbits hopping down my street the other day!!

Did you mean that Walmart sells the roots?? I ve seen them selling the plant in spring...but I heard that they were all dug from the wild which is illegal..(I think)

Perhaps mine will come back in spring if only the leaves are gone??


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I think they are roots, they come in dark green bags which have a card stapled to the front of them, they come out with the ferns, callas, and dahlias etc. I've never heard they come from the wild, but then again, Wal Mart's practises are't what I would call a 'good business protocol' I'm not sure about it being illegal to dig from the wild but I know it's certainly not right. maybe it'll come back, I know people who chop off the leaves of lady slippers without knowing and they come back every year and bloom if the leaves don't get chopped away, there's always hope!!

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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

Hi Sunita,

I'm sure your trilliums are not dead just dormant - Trilliums are spring ephemerals and do die back and the leaves vanish - As long as they are in a somewhat shady position with rich soil high in organic matter and kept moist no doubt they will rise and shine next spring not with 2 plants but most likely more. My Virginia bluebells do the same thing put on a big show up to July than completely disappear from the surface of the earth - a little digging of the earth reveals a rhizome that is slowly growing getting ready for next year - I know Virginia bluebells is very popular so anyone reading this forum - I should have seeds next July 08 I don't have any parts to trade now.


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My understanding is that it is Not illegal to transplant trilliums, but it is illegal to pick the flowers.

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From what I found, it not neither illegal to dig them up nor is it to pick the flowers. Growing un in Ontario, I've always had people telling me its illegal to do anything to a trillium as its the provinvial flower. It's just not right, in my opinion, to be digging them out of the wild, or picking the flowers. Some say it sets the plant back as far as seven years when you pick the flower.

I know there is a wil plant nursery where they sell all sort sof native plants and even lady's slippers, but they are really expensive. I just don't think $20 is worth it for a trillium granduflora. sI plan on buying some cheap ones at walmart to see if they can grow, I'll be more than happy to sernd you a plant (they come in packs of three) when i get them...

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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

its 20 bucks because it can take 6 years to flower from seed

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Yep I ve heard that too...But I bought trillium grandiflora for ~$6 at my local nursery...twice...

There is a double form of this...that costs ~$100...I d love that...can t afford it!!


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Every year my trillium dies right down..you wouldn't even know it existed..but every spring I get more vigorous shoots, and more plants. If it's in the right place..(mine are in the shade beside my rhodo) they'll come back.

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Here is a link that might give some insight to trilliums


,it is not illegal to pick trilliums in Ontario ( by pick I mean dig, pluck , take flower) however as Nyssaman said it takes a Trillium a long time to recover if the flower is picked . It actually would be better for the plant to be dug up as a whole and transplanted. It is however illegal to dig/pick trilliums in British Columbia .



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