Forsythia - anybody else notice none have bloomed?

david883(5/6)May 14, 2014

I have one in my back yard and just love it - its behind a honeysuckle "shrub" which is now a small tree so you can't see it come when the honeysuckle leaves bud, about mid may usually, but before hand its a bright yellow firework of a plant. Really lets you know "Hey! Spring is here!". This year, however, nothing... I went out to look closely at it and saw just a few little blooms. Now its sprouting its own leaves and seems to have missed the flowering part all together. Not only that but I pass several of these on my way to work and noticed the same thing - a few flowers on just a couple of shrubs here and there.
I'd imagine its probably because of the historic low temperatures we had here in Michigan or from the odd warm-up pattern we had here. Just wondering if anybody else missed out on any forsythia blooming. I've said ever since I moved into this house the forsythia and flowering quince (and now, bleeding hearts) are my favorite part of spring.

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Forsythia bloomed here recently just as it has in previous years. I removed the plants growing in my own garden because they spread where they weren't wanted but neighbors have them that I can see and I noticed them blooming recently.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

It could have been your winter, a freeze at the wrong time could have done the flower buds in, I almost lost my rhubarb patch which I've had for years from the winter we just had, freezing doesn't bother rhubarb if fact it needs it but having a very mild winter and then the deep freeze after it started to grow almost wiped it out. Or... it could be your forsythia bloomed it's heart out last year and just needs to recuperate.
Lilacs sometimes take a year off, if this happens the trick for these guys is the year they're loaded with bloom is to take half of them off so they don't poop themselves out and have the strength to give a decent flower show the following year.


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Thanks for the advise Annette. I have a feeling it could be a combo of our very harsh winter this year (and some late freezes after slightly warmer periods) combined with a very mild winter last year. Here's hoping it comes back in full force next year :)

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thinman(Z5 MI)

For what it may add to the discussion, mine is blooming nicely up here in the northern LP. Very welcome blooms, too.


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Mine bloomed like crazy in February ...:0)

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I have two large shrubs, one bloomed but the other did not. They are planted appx. 6' apart. I'm not sure if they are same variety tho.

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We had a VERY mild bloom on one bunch of ours. The other two large bunches haven't bloomed at all. I'm figuring it had to do with our wacky winter. I wound up with a lose on hyacinths too that popped their heads up during a warm spell and then we had an extended hard freeze...I think they are done. :(

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

I noticed the forsythias were quite interesting here this year. There were some that I saw that looked absolutely spectacular top to bottom with heavy bloom. Then others with exceptionally sparse bloom. And still others where there was only bloom clearly below what would have been the snow line. I don't usually see so much variation during the same spring as I drive around. We usually have banner years or not so much after rough winters. It was probably just your winter. Better luck next year!
How many times do we all say THAT during the gardening season?! LOL!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I only have a small bush which was started from a cutting. It bloomed last spring but no bloom this spring, I was waiting for it as had forgotten where I had heeled the pot in for the winter.

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No forsythia, no lilacs and a partial hit on the earlier hardy magnolia this year!

Maybe next year. I'm putting the blame on an untimely late freeze.

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