Hooray! First bloom Ever On This One

organic_kitten(8)May 17, 2013

I bought Spacecoast Devil's Eye, and lost it that winter two years ago. I was ecstatic to find it on the auction, got it, planted it, and bless goodness, it bloomed.

Fernstone had twins today:

And Colorado Moonfire had a pretty one:

Not everything "comes up roses" though. Look at Bob Watson's FFO:

speaking of roses, picked a few from the garden yesterday:

And you've got to see this spray of Paul Neyron roses: Bush is just a year old, and I do love it.

and while I'm showing roses, look at Iceberg...first year to look like this!


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh my gosh,Kay. They are all just beautiful. Your F.F.O. is gorgeous.LOve that one,too.My Favorite is that FEMSTONE.Thats a gorgeous bloomBOB WATSON is a washout, aint it, but bet the next bloom will be gorgeous.Your bouquet is very pretty, too.Hope you have left plenty room for Paul Neyton, because every one I have ever seen, he gets huge. LOve ICE BURG MINE WAS BIG LIKE yours till it got some thing or the roots eaten off on it too,as it almost died, Got down to a little stub sticking up.I did everything I could think of to save it,and its beginning to grow a little now and just always has a few blooms on it.Its a sturdy little rose.i love it.


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Jean, Sprinkle castor oil around your roses. the voles will leave.

This is the irst time Iceberg has looked like this for me. I just got a package in the mail, it is Magical Mystery show. It is replaceing a plant I had that disappeared.


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Really nice daylily blooms, Kay, and glad to see your roses doing so well. Paul Neyron can really put out some huge flowers. That is such a pretty color. Iceberg is such a pretty white rose, I love white flowers. What is the very round "cup and saucer" shaped pink rose in the flower arrangement--is that a David Austin? The only Austin I have is that shape, and the only one that grows here---it is Heritage. Avedon

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

KAY: SPRINKLE Castor oil?? only castor oil I have ever seen is a liquid in a bottle,and all I have to do is look at the bottle and get very sick,and go vomit my insides up.If its a powder you are talking about, where do I get it? would a feed store have it?We have a feed store here that carrys about anything you might want . but, don't know about that.Your iceburg sure has gotten big,if mine was to gert that big now,I would have to move it some where else as it has no room now, where its at to grow that big.I have planted other stuff around it.


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Thanks, Avedon. Yes, it is Abe Darby. Love that rose.
Jean, that's the one I mean. Cheap at Walmart. sprinkle the oil around and a bit on the foliage (just tip the bottle and sprinkle it and the voles leave. I pour a little in the vole holes too. the dry product called Mole relief (about 19% Castor Oil) is easy to sprinkle, but the only place I know that has it is Garden's Alive and it is mail order. You can spray it if you mix it with dish soap and water. (spray the castor oil, I mean).

Jean, all of the roses are bigger. There is room though for Paul Neyron and Golden Celebration which is a good thing. Maggie is just a year old, and she is as big as I thought she would get. Joke on me. I am feeding them Mills Magic Mix fertilizer and they do seem to like it. New Dawn has really thickened up too.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

That Mills Magic Mix is very good fertilizer for roses..I bought the liquid at Rosemania in Tennessee.They always paid shipping charges.They have very good roses too in early spring.Its where most of my roses came from, so many roses and they pay shipping on them too.
Thanks for the info, on the volies or whatever they are.


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Jean, I buy from rosemania too.

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shive(6b TN)

All the daylilies are pretty, but the vase with the variety of roses is spectacular. It makes me wonder why I don't grow roses.


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Debra, the roses have been magnificent this year. A combination of being a bit older, the very cool spring, and a new regime of fertilizing and spraying. I love them, and they have been wafting their fragrances, especially in the mornings...What a treat it has been.

I owe Rita for enabling me with her gorgeous rose photos, then, Celeste comes on the forum and has stunners too. Jean doesn't have what she used to have, but hers are beauties too. Most of mine are the old Garden roses and the English roses of David Austin. I have daylilies planted in front of my roses and also, a row behind the far roses. Love them.


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Julia NY(6)

Nice pics Kay. I always admire everyones roses and yours looks so pretty in that vase. :-).


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Mmmmm.....so much beauty!! It's good to see roses again, especially Paul Neyron! Mine are getting geared up for the show late next month. I have had PN for as long as I can remember and it is a rose to die for. The blooms are HUGE and smell wonderful and the color is outstanding. This winter I lost several roses and daylilies. I don't know what was so different about this winter that caused it. My PN was wiped out to the ground. It was once a huge bush but now has to start from scratch so it won't be it's usual showy self. But at least it made it. I have never lost an old rose, just the modern ones.
Your daylilies are so pretty! (except for the one ugly duckling...LOL).


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That vase of roses is stunning. Most of your DL's are looking great to especially Colorado Moonfire, hopefully Bob Watson will shape up for you.

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Thanks, Julia. I need to refill that vase as they are looking a bit droopy.

Celeste, the Antique rose forum has people complaining about PN being such a water hog, but he can be as big a hog as he wants with those massive fragrant gorgeous blooms. Most of my roses are the old garden roses or Austin's. Can't wait to see your beautiful roses.

Thanks, Linda. CM is an excellent plant ans always one of my first couple to bloom. It always re-blooms too, usually at least twice. Bob Watson is blooming in the foliage which means he may be leaving this garden.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

They are all beautiful but that Spacecoast Devil's Eye is a stunner. No wonder you planted a new one.

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Fern Stone is always a nice way to start the season, but your roses are all stunners.

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Rita, it took me two years to find it...I couldn't even get it from Spacecoast, and then they went out of business. Love it. Thank you, Chris. Rita gave me rose fever about 5 years ago, and I love the roses.

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