yellow leaves on daylilies

gardenlady_growMay 23, 2007

Need some help on my daylilies. The lower leaves are turning yellow on me and I'm not sure what is wrong. I've checked for any visible signs of pests or insects and don't see any. Other than yellowing there are no other signs of something wrong. Would appreciate all the help I can get. The name of the lily is Sombero Way. I hope this is the right forum correct me if its not, this is my first time posting a question and I'm really not good at computers either.


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It's normal for a few of the bottom leaves to yellow. It's not a disease, just normal aging. If it's more than just the bottom leaves, then there's a problem. HTH

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Thanks for the info, Glad to hear it's normal. I have always loved daylilies and last year was my first time growing them. Now if I can only remember were I put those plant ID's of my other ones.


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A strong dose of fertilizer will make the lower couple of leaves yellow and die.

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I did spread some plant tone fertilizer after I noticed the leaves turning yellow. Hope that was a good Idea? also in a near by flower bed new boxwoods were put in with some holytone when planted. I really don't think I used to much but then again I'm learning every day. Thanks for the help.


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