HAVE: moonflower vine- very early!

bev_w(6a)October 30, 2007

Last year I traded for some moonflower vine (Ipomoea alba) that turned out to be quite special. As usual I started them three weeks early in 4" pots indoors, but these vines bloomed in mid-July-- a good month earlier than normal, even for zone 6. For the first time I actually had seedpods mature before frost. The flowers were on the small side, but the scent was the typical strong and gorgeous moonflower.

I have three trades of five seeds each-- no SASBEs for these, please.

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Hi Bev..My moonflower has been hit by frost, and I have doubts about the few seedpods I've gleaned..mine look like little dried up tulips (?) Totally different than any other Ipomoea I've grown. Anyhoo..I'd like to trade for them if possible. Do you need a tall, grass-like plant? I have 'kaffir corn' seeds..the make an excellent tall 'centre' in a bed, or perhaps honeywort, for blue-green foliage, or 6 billion red texas sage seeds (thanks to jimmy jo-jo!) I also have dwarf convoluvus if you are interested (photo attached). Let me know if we can swap. Thanks..wendy

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Hi Wendy, Ok, now I see the photo--the e-mail link didn't work. Lovely little Convolvulus! Hard to believe these are related to the dreaded bindweed. I have just the spot for them. Just sent you an e-mail.

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Hi Bev..no email as yet (I should know your addy by now, but I've been dumping old messages). Please try again, meanwhile I'll search my archives.

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Found it..Port Burwell, right? I've only got about 6-7 seeds but you're welcome to them. I'll throw something else in for fun.

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