what made you cry when it died

shoregrowin(Z 7 DE on the bay)May 13, 2003

I rescued a peace rose from a grocery for fifty cents. It had somehow been covered up and neglected (pale green, spindly growth). I took it home and soaked it in a bucket of willow water for a few weeks. It recovered so nicely and sent out a bunch of new growth. Hot drought ridden days followed, so I could not plant it. While it sat in a bucket on the porch, a bud appeared. Unfortunately, we had to leave town and I missed the initial bloom. When we got home, the most beautiful rose was open and OH SO fragrant...

I put it in the ground soon after and it lived about 2 weeks until the heat and drought (even with good watering)

took it out. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Thank God for that one bloom... It was exquisite.

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weaserbug(z5 IA)

I cried when I stepped on a small toad/frog and squished it. I was weeding and walking through my beds when I stepped on something unexpectedly. When I looked down I saw a smooshed frog. :( I will always feel bad for that one. ~Louise in Iowa

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

Within a day or two of moving out of my house last year, the whole front shade garden was weed-wacked, including the azalea bushes.

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shoregrowin(Z 7 DE on the bay)

Louise, you reminded me with that comment- I haven't seen a single toad in the garden yet. Maybe it is too cool still for them? Sorry about the toad... I love seeing them hop around the garden, hopefully eating the bad bugs!

MeMyselfAndI - When a neighbor lady died and the house was sold, the new owners pulled out OLD azaleas, rhodys, peonies, roses and many other 50+ year old plants. I couldn't believe it... What a loss...

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

My mango tree... well I almost cried. I grew that from a seed that I even ate the mango off of..

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slcdms(7 MS)

I had a huge black knight butterfly bush that just died for no apparent reason. It was beautiful

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brooklynbotanic(z7 NYC)

After Sept 11, the City of Rotterdam (in Holland) sent a gift of a million daffodil bulbs to NYC. A friend who works with municipal gardeners gave me a dozen under the condition that I plant them where the public could see them. I put them in a pot in my brownstone's front yard and they were beautiful last spring. They really meant a lot to me.

This spring they all sprouted, then rotted, every one. The wet, snowy spring killed my little memorial garden. Broke my heart.

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shoregrowin(Z 7 DE on the bay)

Ohhhh BrooklynBotanic, just read and had tears myself...

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I'm saying a prayer for my Tiffany astilbe that I bought in remembrance of my cat that died in 1994. I wasn't into gardening at the time so I don't know what the real name is. I just named it after her. Today I found what is left of it, just a few leaves sheltered under some hosta leaves. I'm not sure what happened unless it was the hot dry summer. I replanted it and hoping it will pull through. Connie

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debikm(z8b FL)

My ponytail palm and staghorn fern, both something like 15 years old from the cold. I could have brought them in, but my younger dog chews and nothing has made hims stop, I mean nothing. So they'd have died either way. But it still upset me to pull them out of their pots and toss them onto the compost pile.
I'm not mean for houseplants anyway. If it grows in the yard, I'm fine.

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STROBE(zn 7b)
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paulyn(z 8 NW OR)

My Jacob's Coat rosebush. It was a gift from my father, one of only three gifts he's ever given me. The other two things were a shawl and a stuffed dog. Now he's dying.

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mrsjilly(5-6 sw Pa)

I inherited a 60 year old jade.I had her for 10 years.She had grown way to big for her wash tub and I repotted her.One week later she looked awful.The new bag of soil had little worms growing in it,which I didn't notice when she was planted.I took her out ,but it was to late.I DID CRY.Every time I see one I cry.I loved that plant.

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lemon306(Z8B La.)

I haven't cried but I would. Just planted 6 Indigo Spires salvia a short time ago and they are blooming now. Absolutely one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

A sourwood tree. My grandma ordered one for me and one for her years ago. I planted mine by the driveway and it grew well. Then my husband took a different job and we spent 15 years on the road, living in a travel trailer. Every April and every October we stop by home for a few weeks. The sourwood tree grew to about 12 feet tall and in Oct, I could see the remains of the flowers. I never did get to see it bloom. My grandma died 3 years before we moved back home. When we moved back and were clearing the yard of locust trees, etc I noticed that the sourwood tree had rotted off at ground level. I really bawled:-(

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greendogart(Central Fl z9)

I cried, more from shock than sad, when I accidently cut down my 20 year old split leaf philadendrom. I didn't realize all those little runners on the ground were holding it up. I just stood there with my mouth and eyes open wide when the poor thing fell. I'll never forget the feeling. It did leave some babys that were a good size, put the arrangement just isn't right. Hope no one thinks I planted them that way. I'm still trying to fill in the void. I also cried when my orchid tree died. When we finally cut it down it had rotted from the inside. Not sure if it was from a freeze or something else. It's where my boys learned how to climb. Beautiful flowers every spring.

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CherylCinVA(z7a VA)

When I was growing up in Florida we had a hibiscus tree in our front yard. It was big enough for my sisters and me to climb in. In fact, we had to use a footstool to reach the lowest branch. When it bloomed, the beautiful red flowers would each last about a day and then fall off. We used the fallen flowers to make necklaces and we wore them in our hair. When it was killed in a really bad freeze one winter (probably 1961 or 1962), I think we all cried.

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We made our yard beautiful; a stand of paper-white birches and a huge old maple with all sorts of colorful hibiscus and these flowery groundcover plants the neighbor had given us were in front, the back had lots of palms and birds of paradise and some more birches and hibiscus and a huge and lovely fern just outside the picture window.
When we moved the people who bought our house acted like they really liked it, and I thought they were going to take good care of it. They cut all the trees down and let the flowers die and then paved it over with concrete to make RV parking in the front and a pool in the back. I get teary whenever we drive past.

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When we bought our acre lot out in the country, it was covered with trees. We spent all one summer clearing out a space for a house. My husband, our two kids, and me. We let the kids take turns chopping with an axe on a little pine tree until it was down. After it was down, some cardinals came flying around the little tree. They must have had a nest in that tree that we didn't know about. It made me so sad that we had destroyed their home. It brings a tear to my eye even now.


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