So many blooms, so little time...daylilies & more

celeste(zone 4 NH)May 31, 2012

As many of you have mentioned, things are blooming ahead of schedule this year. I have scapes coming on several of my daylilies (mostly those from Maryott which were fall-planted) but even some that are established. My roses are starting up, which is abut 2 weeks early. I am going crazy trying to keep up with all the garden chores and keeping up-to-date on taking pictures and looking at all the many posts here on the forum. I notice that some of you are getting to the end of bloom season but fear not,

there will be many months of photographs from me. I will have daylilies right through the fall since I bought a lot of lates and very-lates this year. July is when my daylilies normally start up but it looks like it will be June this year.

I did a little happy dance this morning when 'Katrina Heroes' greeted me with her FFO. She was planted in the fall and put up a very early scape. It bloomed on a short scape way down in the foliage, but it was beautiful.



I love the little 'curls' in the middle of the bloom

PEONIES ARE BLOOMING NOW...(there are more that I saved for another post)





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I love Katrina's Heroes, it's gorgeous and the curls are so cute! Your peonies and irises are beautiful. My peonies haven't quite started yet, they're still budding up. Those round beds must have been a lot of work. They're so nice though. Is that a Japanese Maple in the one on the left? Did you do those so you wouldn't have to dig around the tree roots? Marg

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Those raised rock beds are stunning! But honestly, I don't know how you manage all the work of creating new beds when you have to dig up all those rocks. But it sure does look good. And I just love those reddish iris, so pretty.

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Katrina's Heroes is beautiful! And your new beds are too. Love the iris and the peonies. Lots of beauty to come.

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I like the white peony. Do you know which one it is?


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Katrina Heroes is an interesting color. I planted it last summer too and even had a preview flower or two, but I don't remember.
Peonies look so nice! Mine are done for the year, and the very last white one with a few remaining flowers was beaten by the rain yesterday. But rain is good, free watering for my daylilies ;)
Your new beds look great! I can't even imagine the amount of work that went into it. And you did it all by yourself, wow. And so many new daylilies to look forward to, yay :)

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Celeste, your new daylily beds are wonderful. The low stone walls are so attractive. When we lived in Connecticut I had stone borders also because you couldn't put the shovel into the ground without hearing that dreaded 'clunk' sound every time.

Your iris beds are just beautiful.

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

What a glorious garden you have! The beds are beautiful! I adore the iris and your first daylily is very pretty!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW Celeste. Them new bed are really nice. Very pretty. The dayliliee is a gorgeous one.I like all your peonie's too.That was a lot of work to dig up all thm rocks and then make them flower beds.


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Nancy zone 6

Katrina's Heroes is beautiful, love those new beds, you really put in a lot of work there. You did a great job, I can't imagine digging & then hauling them to make the beds, but it looks super! Peonies & iris are beautiful too

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You garden is a delight! You must put untold hours in there. count your blessings that you have so many flowers in the summer. Here in Florida most of our flowers (except daylilies) are pretty much finished. I love your daylily beds. The peonies are so gorgeous and somehow have a refreshing look, like they'd make you feel cool on a hot dayl. I'll have to check and see if those will grow in spring or winter here, as I don't think I've ever seen them at my favorite nursery. Do they need cold weather? I am envious of your irises (I think that's what they are.) I saw a variety they have developed for Florida- they were not worth bothering over. Maybe someday they'll invent a kind that are pretty and do well here, as there is now a variety of tropical hosta that grows here. Enjoy your magnificent garden!

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Love the Peonies. Is that Krinkled White I see and what is the red looking one. The pink looks a bit like Mischief or Heart Of Gold. I have those two. I bought Hot Chocolate last year but the bloom got damaged so I don't know how it looked.
Katrina Hero's is really pretty and the beds look terrific...Ellie

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Julia NY(6)

I see your a "rock miner" like me LOL.
I just love peonies and hope to get more this year. My pink ones are blooming here.

Lovely pics. Glad to see your back in the garden.


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I just want you to know that I am eagerly awaiting those rose pictures. Especially Larissa. Sucha beautiful bloom, and I know it would literally hate my Alabama summers.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANK YOU to all my forum friends for your nice comments.

Marg...yes that is a japanese maple, one of the laceleafs. I have two in that bed. I actually made the bed first, then planted the maples. I have other japanese maples around the property (another of my plant addictions, of which I have many). I actually make raised beds because the ground is so full of rocks and roots and it's impossible to plant. My whole property was forest when I moved here.
Rita... I have unearthed probably thousands of rocks over the past few years. New Hampshire is named the 'Granite State' for a reason....LOL. I am running out of rocks so now I am getting them from my father's property miles away
but I don't have a truck so I gather a few everytime I visit my dad. My husband isn't too crazy about the car always being dirty from the dug-up rocks...Haha.

Edward & Ellie...Sorry, I don't know the name of any of my peonies. I have never bought any since over the years people have shared them with me, the same with the iris and many of my perennials. I have a lot of pass-along plants started from divisions. Folks don't usually give me a name so maybe they don't know either? I did see one at Lowe's the other day that looked just like my white one, but I didn't check to see the name. Sorry I'm no help.

Missylin...I am pretty sure that peonies are colder-zone plants but I don't know how warm a climate they can tolerate. It seems everyone around here grows peonies and they do very well so they must like the cold. The same is true for tulips, lilacs, rhododendrons, spruce trees, birch trees, etc. which flourish here. (There has to be some positives to living where its really cold, right?).
We do have glorious summers but it is so short-lived.

Julia...yes we are 'rock-miners'...teehee. That is a very good word for it! I am told that I have not only a plant addiction, but a rock addiction. I can't stop making rock beds and taking over the lawn and entire property with rock garden beds. I figure, the rocks are there and they are free. And digging them up keeps me in shape!

THANK YOU, Nancy, Kay, Nat, Brittie and Jean!
Christine, you know exactly what I'm talking about having lived in Connecticut! You simply cannot put a spade in the ground without hitting ROCKS so raised beds are the only way to go.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Sorry Kay! I was typing up my response when you were typing up your comment.
I am going to have more rose pictures than anybody here can stand, trust me. This will be a banner year. Every day as I walk around I see more buds than ever before.
And Larissa, she is something extraordinary. No one believes me that it is a single bush, it is so huge and smothered with buds. I will be sure to get lots of pictures of her for you, which will be a joy because it is one of my favorites and a blooming-machine right up to late Fall.


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shive(6b TN)

I cannot imagine imagine digging up that many large rocks, but the results are fantastic! The lovely lavender Katrina Heroes is a wonderful way to start the daylily season. I love all three of peonies, and the irises make a spectacular springtime display. Your gardens look gorgeous!


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Beautiful peonies and your new beds are gorgeous. I love the color on Katrina's Heroes. I have had a lot of my DL's bloom this year on short scapes to.

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