HAVE: house plant cuttings to trade

Julie_Alley(z5 On Canada)October 1, 2008

I would love to trade some house plant cuttings and offsets with anyone

interested. I am posting a list of cuttings I have to offer and a wish

list. If there is something I'm offering that interests you but you

have nothing from my wish list that's ok. Let me know what you do have

to trade and if I don't already have it I will most likely trade with

you. I included Latin names so that you can easily look up a plant on

google if you want more info on it.

so here are the lists:

to offer

hoya carnosa (wax plant)

chlorophytum comosum (spider plant) - this is a plain green variety

epiphyllum oxipetallon (orchid cactus) - white flowers open only at

night very fragrent

cryptoereus anthoyanus (zig zag or ric rac cactus)

gasteria maculata (ox tongue)

crassula argenta (jade plant)

sansevieria hahnii (bird nest)

graptopetalum sp (ghost plant)

kalanchoe daigremontianum (mexican hat plant)

unidentified purple hanging plant- it looks like a giant spider plant

cinamonium sp.

wish list

aspidistra elatior variegatar (cast iron plant)

Begonia sp

Ccestrum nocturnum (night jessamine)

clivia miniata (kaffir lily)

hemigraphis alternata (red ivy)

tolmiea menziesii (piggyback plant)

cissus rhombifolia (grape ivy)

pelargonium gibbosum (gouty geranium)



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I have cuttings of:
- crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii, could be x lomi but blooms aren't as big, bright pink flowers)
- holiday cactus (multi coloured flowers, )
- tropical hibiscus Baja Breeze (bright red, compact, Hibiscus chinensis)
-purple wandering jew (purple variegated, Tradescantia zebrina)
-pink flowering maple (can be trained as a standard, Abutilon x hybridum)

would you be interested in any of these?

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I would love to trade for your epiphyllum oxipetallon (orchid cactus)and your gasteria maculata (ox tongue).
I can send you Epiphyllum (Red Orchid Cactus) and Hatiora salicornioides (Drunkard's Dream Cactaceae).
Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

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calicokitty(Ont 3b)

I've sent you an email.

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Euphorbia splendens prostrata (crown of Thorns)
Ficus benjamina (wheeping Fig)
Sansevieria (snake plant)
Aechmea (living Vase)
Passiflora(Passiflora caerulea)

Wish list
Ceropegia woodii (Rosery Vine )
Gynura(Velevt plant)
Monstera deliciosa(Swiss-cheese-plant monstera)
Senecio rowleyanus(strig-of-beads)
Orchids preferr moth orchids
Medinilla Magnifica(medinilla)

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