joytwo1839(z6 TN)May 16, 2008

I have been trying to find a contact for HGTV to express my displeasure with their programming - the lack of gardening shows. I am sick of watching someone spend upwards of $30,000 to redo their back yard on Landscape challenge or Landscape Smart. These are our choices.

Just think of the episodes Victory Garden could do on:






and on and on. I think there are probably a lot of people out there who feel the same. I used to watch at least six shows on HGTV but now the only thing I watch is House Humters to put me to sleep.

Every once in awhile our Public TV will put on a garden show but thats it! I gues the gardeners are like the cowboys - they are fading away.

Sorry for the rant.

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I'm with you;
but that's where the dollars are...

I used to watch Rebecca's Garden & P Allen Smith (although I think he's gone the "McMansion" route himself, the last several programs I saw were all about how he was installing gardens & structures on his newly-purchased vast acreage), & I miss those old shows.

& I loved The Victory Garden, too...just wish they'd left the plant names on the screen long enough for me to copy them!

It seems odd to say this, but I think Martha Stewart's gardening bits are more reasonable & less lavish in scale; they show what we can do with our own gardens, not what a bulldozer & 3 tons of decorative rock & a zillion dollars will accomplish "in one week-end".

Maybe PBS could mix more gardening shows in with their cooking & workshop shows?

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joytwo1839(z6 TN)

Is there anyway to get a thread going like that and then email it to both PBS, HGYV and maybe Fine Living.
I saw a show of MSs on FL Sat at 1:00 pm that was really good but I think the same show is repeated weekly.

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