Is your fav. sun or shade?

MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)May 27, 2004

Do you prefer gardening in sun or shade? I feel so fortunate to have both full sun and heavy shade areas and it's funny that I want to ask this question because I couldn't answer it if asked of me.

I love the shady areas because they are virtually maintenance-free, weed-free. Weeds that do pop up grow slowly and seem so much easier to pull completely on the first try. Shady spots are just so tranquil and peaceful to the eye, and of course, cooler to be in or work in. Shade flowers are usually more subtle and sedate, although there are certainly many "wow" plants for shade. The key in shade is definitely the foliage. It's all about different shapes, textures, and creating a harmonious yet striking combination from the different shades of mostly green, highlighting with variegations and other colors of foliage.

I love my sunny areas because of all of the beautiful flowers. Most "ooohs and ahhhs" by visitors are directed to this area. And if one wants to pick bouquets, sun plants are a must! But it's much more time-consuming to do the weeding, deadheading, and dividing required to keep things pretty and under control. And the selection of beautiful annuals that love the sun is nearly limitless.

Could you choose just one or the other?

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)

I prefer sun.

Because I don't have any. Ive got deep shade and Ive got dappled shade and Ive got partial shade, but nowhere on my tiny lump of land is there 6 or more hours of sun a day. You always want a bit of what you don't have. I'd love to be able to grow lavender, sunflowers, poppies, cosmos, veggies, everlastings. I'd love for my roses, morning glories, clematis, etc., to bloom more abundantly.

But I'd hate to give up dappled shade, which is not only lierally a cool pleasure to garden in, but also allows you to play with a wonderful range of plants.

I find such questions --either/or, as almost always impossible for me to answer. I always want the both/and answer.

Oh well,

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

I think if you would ask the plants what they prefer, they would vote for morning sun, afternoon shade.

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

Hmm?? I was asking if people prefer gardening in shade or sun?

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triciae(Zone 7 Coastal SE CT)

I prefer gardening in the shade. My absolute favorite time in our garden is around 5:00-7:00 p.m. We get very dabbled sun coming through the tree canopy that creates beautiful blotches of light that dance around in a slight breeze from the tree leaves moving. I try hard to emphasize the scene by planting things like ornamental grasses, chartreuse-leafed hostas, etc. that catch the sun and just glow in this type of light. It's gentle on the plants and gentle on me. There's something so serene and peaceful about it. Our entire property has only either complete shade or dabbled sun/shade. I don't have full-sun envy. Great question...I'm sure there will be as many answers as there are gardeners.

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padraig_1(Florida 9a)

My preference would be shade,however, I am shadeless. I love seeing shady gardens with varieties of hostas and gingers and the pastels of shade flowers. So I must enjoy my sunny gardens and live vicariously on garden tours and magazines.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

Shade for myself..... sun for my gardens....... ;) :)I don't have enough of it...... sigh...... lots of oak and sycamore and cherries and maple ...... :)

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