hubby finally found an interest in the garden!

Frizzle(z6 PA)May 24, 2003

now my only job is going to be FINDING the plants to go with this new found interest.

was reading on the daylily forum and found the name EMPIRE STRIKES BACK as a favorite yellow variety. now hubby thinks a Star Wars garden would be great and he'd LOVE to help. YIPPEE i say but then i think - ok - what ELSE os out there with names from the movies?

any suggestions of plants you know? imperial, alliance, rebel, luke, vadar, you get the idea.......

any suggestions for where to look for names like this?



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How about:
"Crown Imperial" (fritillaria imperialis) -dramatic flowering plants - zones 5-9.
"Starfighter" Oriental Lily zones 3-8
I'm sure I saw a plant called Darth Vader - but I cannot remember if it was an iris, a tulip, or...?

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Found it - but it's an orchid. It's called Dark Stars Darth Vader. I also saw a Coleus named Darth Vader.

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For some reason I thought of Persicaria "Lance Corporal".

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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

I suppose he would be more excited about 'Enterprise' roses (as in "Star Trek") than 'Scarlett O'Hara' roses.

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Frizzle(z6 PA)

lol - yes wendy - i suppose you are right! but at least this topic has him *thinking* about the garden instead of saying the "oh, they all look the same to me" comment when i ask about it.

thanks for all the suggestions everyone! keep em coming if you have any - i did the search here on garden web AND on line but haven't had much luck narrowing it down to plant names anywhere -all i get are fan sites about star wars and such......


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Wookie by Patrick Stamile
Empire Returns
A whole Jedi series
And then just for a Sci-Fi themed garden...
Exotic Empire
Doppler Effect
Gamma Quadrant
Supreme Empire
SpaceCoast Starburst
Notify Ground Crew
George Jets On

All the above are daylilies.

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mistryl(z7 NC)

I just stumbled onto this subject. My DH and I are HUGE Star Wars fans! Even my screen name is from SW. I was watching HGTV one Saturday recently and I swear Paul James said he had a Viburnum that was called "Jedi". Anyone heard of it? Frizzle, if you are still on this forum, how has your husband gotten on with his great idea of a Star Wars garden? My husband's ears perked up when I read him this post. Thanks for any ideas or names/types of plants!

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