Friday Blooms, some new, some repeats

jean_ar(z8 Ar)May 18, 2012

Since we all love this one.I decided to take more pictures of it...

THis one is a pretty one, too.

and this one is huge.

another very large one.

This one resembles beautiful Edgings alot.

I love this one.

and every one loves this one.

Moew later


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I love the blending of the colors on the Wild One. I do like Lavender Cascades and Clown Parade. Marg

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Love them all, Jean. Isn't Bigg and Redd All Over one of the WB's? I thought I saw it on Mary Jane's website. love the color. Now I will look at your other posts, know they will be just as good. Avedon

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You have some real beautiees today, Jean. Wild One is my choice, I love that bloom too.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

Oh I just love Harlow! Makes me think of Jean Harlow with her platinum hair.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

This is a really exceptional batch of blooms. All are worthy of very favorite. But I have to go for the first and last. WILD ONE and CLOWN PARADE tie for favorite for me.

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I'm going to be different. BUBBLES GALORE and CLOWN PARADE tie for first place today!


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

AVEDON.Sorry,I cant answer your question about BIG AND REDD ALL OVER, as I dont know.The daylily was sent to me as a gift,so I do not know the answer.
MARG.Thank you for looking and commenting.
KAY: Thank you.Wild One IS a beauty, isn't it.I Love it.
RITA. Thank you,They ARE gorgeous, aren't they.

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Nancy zone 6

Hummmm, I remember some really pretty daylilies, but then all I rememberis Clown Parade! You know how I love that one! I sure hope mine blooms soon. Actually, I really do love Bubbles Galore & Wild One.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Bravo! I have just looked at your 3 posts from Friday and I love all of them. I am trying to catch up on everyone's posts but am so busy trying to get all my yard work done and still hurting from the dog bites, but when I take a break I come here to the forum. You have some very pretty blooms!! I won't even try to pick favorites out of all those I saw, there are just too many lovely ones. I know you are missing Ms. Blackie, though...and I still think of her too. My thoughts are with you, Jean.


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Julia NY(6)

Jean: These are great. Just catching up on all the posts. Now to see your other threads. Your must be getting some really warm nights as they opening are terrific.


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