Abies durangensis

blue_yew(Z9 Devon UK)July 1, 2011

Anyone grow this rare Mexican fir? some plants have

glaucous foliage.

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Looks like it's lost its lead shoot.


PS wouldn't it be easier to take photos during the day, rather than at night?

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blue_yew(Z9 Devon UK)

Its a graft but im going to train up a shoot easy
with a fast growing species.I think night photos
show the plant off better.

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My plant, +/- 3 meters hight, 3 cones.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I will be in Durango, Colorado tomorrow. Any connection, or is the name derived from a location in Mexico?
I will check out any nurseries there nevertheless.

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From the state of Durango in Mexico. It'd be nice to go there, but like much of Mexico, isn't too safe at the moment.


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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Yes, Resin, I know what you mean. I was in Alcapulco last October. The day after I left, 26 people were gunned down in a drug war confrontation. Alcapulco is not a border town where most of the violence is happening. I felt safer in Cartagena, Columbia!

Actually Mexico is pretty safe for tourists. I have been their many times. Most of the murders are among the Mexicans themselves over drugs.

In Cartagena

Here is a link that might be useful: Cruise

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Is anyone in the US growing this species? I've seen the variety/species A. coahuilensis listed as being grown in a few California arboretums. A. durangensis is reportedly quite common in the canyons South of Basaseachic, Chihuahua and especially below the towering waterfall with its namesake. It should be fairly hardy as this area has seen temps well below 0 F.... BTW: I'm in "desperate" need of scions and/or seeds of this "locally common species" lol


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