WANTED: lemon grass - Cymbopogon

theman7676October 31, 2011

does anyone have any lemongrass plant to trade ?

any feed back on how it grows in zone 5 in canada?

will it grow back if left in ground over winter or am i better to grow in container?

thank you for any advice given


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Hello Eli,

I grew several East Indian Lemongrass plants this year, from seed. It is a gorgeous, large (3') ornamental grass when given full sun and good soil. It does not like to dry out too much. I divided my largest plant and brought three divisions inside for the winter. Two I left outside but I don't expect them to survive the winter-- although we've had two hard freezes and they are still green.

re: trade. Please email or post your trade list and let's see if we can arrange something.

- Bev

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Hi Bev,

Any chance of getting you to set aside one of those other divisions still outside for me for this spring ? The one I got at the swap this past spring did nothing for me at all for some reason. It was in full sun and we had lots of rain this summer but it never got more than 5 inches tall . Not sure why. Let me know and if the answer is yes, let me know what you might like in trade please.

Thanks so much

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bev - i sent you an email yesterday. would like to trade as well

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Hi Signet, I don't go on GW very much these days and I only just got your message.

I don't know what the problem was with the lemongrass. Perhaps they don't like clay. Mine were in fertile, well drained silty-loam and they really thrived.

We had a pretty hard frost last night and I don't know if the plants still in the garden have survived. If yes, I'll dig another one up for you. For a swap let's wait until spring when your full trade list is available.

- Bev

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