quetion about Agapanthus ..dwarf..where to plant and w/ what ??

trailrunnerbikerMay 29, 2007

I have 4 of these that are waiting in their pots for a home. I am not sure where to put them as the internet gives mixed messages. They are sending up a big spike and ready to bloom. They are the dwarf blue. Any pics or suggestions will be appreciated. You all know what the new beds look like so maybe a place out there w/ the stuff I ordered from Bluestone ?? THANK YOU Caroline

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Nell Jean

Sam's in Tallahassee, FL has a wondrous display of nothing but giant agapanthus in full sun in the parking lot.

My agapanthus are planted with hydrangeas where they get morning sun and evening shade.
I gave 'em room where they can stand alone in great beauty as specimen plants.
(No photos, they're in a developing bed not ready for display.)


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I think agapanthus lok lovely with roses -- especially the soft pastels, since it sounds like you have a soft blue flowering variety. If you have the dark blue, i saw them planted with crocosmia 'lucifer', and it was stunning.

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Agapanthus, both dwarf and full sized, appreciate some filtered sun. I suppose in some areas they do well in full sun, but here in SoCal, the dwarf type can scortch if not sheltered. Here's a pic of mine, in a new bed we created in our still being renovated back yard....I planted it in front of a Kong Coleus in light shade, both under a ficus tree.....

Here's a pic of the bigger agapanthus....although it's in full sun here, it's only for a couple hours a day....

Since Alabama can get some strong sun, you might want to consider putting it where it's protected somewhat.

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angelcub(Sunset 3b)

Caroline, you don't have to worry much about where you plant them other than deep shade. They will still grow but not bloom so much. Agapanthus are one of the toughest plants on the planet, imho. : ) I divided an old clump recently and left it in several pieces in one of my beds, sun beating down on them and just a squirt with the hose every so often. I finally got around to planting the divisions and they already have new spikes with one about to bloom. How's that for hardy? ; )

As for soil and water requirements, they don't need overly rich soil and will do good even in poor soil once established. They're fairly drought tolerant once established, too. If you're ever in So.Ca. you will see them grown EVERYWHERE. lol! Some think they're over used but I love this plant. Great color, very low maintenance and it provides that extra height that is often missing with many summer bloomers. I have an old garden magazine that features a garden on Coronado Island that is mostly roses and agapanthus. It is stunning! I always think of it when I add more of these beauties to my gardens. : )

I have quite a few dwarf agapanthus, too. I grow them in a mixed bed with roses and other perennials like salvias, shasta daisies, echinacea and penstemons (my favs). I grow them toward the front of my beds since they stay around three feet. I have the ground cover potentilla (tiny yellow flowers) growing at their feet.

HTH! : )

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thank you Nell and jxa for the combi suggestions. I have no roses yet except the new carpet ones I planted by the fountain.

lorin thank you for the impressive pictures,,,as they say they are worth a 1000 words. I have filtered light several places so that will have to do and sounds about right.

Diana : thank you for so much info. too. I have no roses yet but the carpets that I just planted with the fountain. I have salvias in a pot only and the daisies are not in a place that has any space around them. I bought penstemons and echinaceas from Bluestone so they will be here this week ( I just got an e-mail) . I will try and use these suggestions to put it all together. Thank you , Caroline

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

Caroline, I hope you are not disappointed with the carpet roses but for me they were black spot and anthracnose magnets, not to mention the cercespora later in the season.

If you decide you do not like them and you like having a chemical-free garden, try Petals from the Past in Jemison for old garden roses, particularly the chinas and noisettes that do well in our area.

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Patricia...well I didn't know that the carpet roses were going to be a problem...the packing says they are so easy and disease free !! I have not been to Jemison but had planned on going there this season. I think I am in over my head at present with the bricks not turning out as I wanted and the Bluestone order still pending ...I e-mailed them to find out where it is. So roses in the fall and hardscape still a priority. The lilies of the nile are now by the fountain and in bloom...very pretty. Thanks for the info I should have asked first. Caroline

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

NO, no, Caroline. They may do fine for you. Agapanthus are wonderful, aren't they? I think of NOLA when I see them. There was once such a beautiful bed of them near the French Quarter. They are so beautiful. I have a few. I admit, I have too much of everything. Circus garden, but I love it. When PFTP in Jemison, has their sale on roses, I will post it here if you are interested, I think they have good prices at those sales.

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Thank you Patricia that would be great. I don't know where they will do well but I have a place where I could put 3-4 roses in very large pots. I can't dig under the DR window as there is a french drain but it gets really hot late afternoon sun and so I could container garden the right kind of rose that is meant for that use. This is an old pic of the spot.

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I had agapanthus galore in Central Fl, both in a bed and in containers, and they never died back in zone 9--just got a little skinnier in winter. The container grown (3 separate plants) had to be repotted from a very large pot to an even larger one over a period of two years, so finally I put them in my front bed that got filtered sun by day and fierce, scorching sun from about 4 to 6 pm. As long as they were well watered, they never complained. I had to leave them behind when I moved...sigh. I hope to have them again, they just add so much to the garden when they are in bloom, and even after.

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

Caroline, I have a friend in Prattville whose husband has an agriculture or horticulture degree (cannot recall which) but he is in the business. They grow their agapantus in pots by the pool and have dozens and they are so lovely. He says it is the only way he can keep them warm and arid enough to bloom. Don't ask me, I just listened. :)

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Hi, I know this is an old thread, but want to know if these grow well in zone 5. Do they have to be dug up for winter here? thanks, Pat

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Nell Jean

According to Easy to Grow Bulbs dot com,
"While agapanthus vary in their degree of winter hardiness, in areas colder than zone 8, these beauties are best grown in containers and brought indoors during the winter."

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Well mine are in the ground and they survived the winter and sent up green stuff but they have not bloomed again. I am sure it is due to not enough sun and heat as they are next to the fountain and are now shaded by the jasmine and the carpet roses. So I am going to dig them up and put them in pots. Will keep you posted next year. c

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I have separated some agapanthus and I need to plant them. I have a great spot where they thrive but I do not know how close together I can plant them? I have about a foot between them but need to add more. Is this OK?

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My Agapantha bloomed the first year but did not bloom at all the second year. What caused that? We did have a cold Jan & Feb in central Florida last year. I don't see any signs of a bloom forming so far this year but it's just the beginning of March.

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I have a dwarf agapanthus in a 16" pot that I've had for several years, as they are not winter hardy here in z6. In fact, I've had to divide it twice as it got so big it broke the pot, and I cut it in three pieces, kept one and gave the other two away. It needs repotting again this spring, but I think it blooms better if it is a little potbound. I don't fertilize it and it blooms well every year, in full sun on my patio. It spends the winter in my cool greenhouse with minimal watering.

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Whew,,,,I can't believe I wrote that in '08. Well I just went out and they are still there....buried under a ton of confed. jasmine and carpet roses :) I will get them dug out , I swear and into pots ! Thanks for brining this back to my attn. c

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