Garden Candy

justjude(z6 PA)May 28, 2002

What's your favorite garden candy? Mine is raspberries. We have two 10' rows of raspberries which bear prolifically, but the fruit seldom make it into the kitchen. Between the birds and ME, they are mostly consumed on the spot. I love to stand there and cram them into my mouth with hands dirty from weeding---mmm, good!

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herbabuena(z5 sunset42 NY)

Sweet100 cherry tomatoes. Hands-down. One of the best parts of summer.

Sounds like I might need to investigate the Green Grape or Sungold cultivars...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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chaos_quilt(Ohio z5)

Strawberries never make it into the house here...just brush off most of the dirt and eat them all up. Too bad they don't have a longer growing season.

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I munch on the wild strawberries that grow in the sand here or else the thimbleberries growing over my fence!

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Nancy5050(7a - 7b)

Plums, apples and grapes hopefully next year figs.I planted 3 small fig bushes this spring and so far so good ,but the last time my little fig bush didnt make through the winter.

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kittynip(Z7a WTN)

Blackberries and concord grapes...I suffered through chiggers and mockingbird peckings just to have my candy!

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

My gramma used to grow raspberries along her garage wall... I've never forgotten how good they were, sweet and ripe and warm from the sun.

The babysitter I had when I was younger had about a billion different fruit trees... I remember most a cherry tree that all us kids used to climb up into and make ourselves sick eating cherries, and the tangerine tree, which had to be thirty feet tall, which we would climb and proceed to spit tangerine seeds down onto anyone who was dumb enough to get underneath us ;)

During the summer, when my mom would get angry at stepdad or depressed, I used to always find her in the garden, sitting in the dirt with a salt shaker eating tomatoes. She has passed this one down to me.


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Strawberries, mmmmm..... they never make it into my house either!

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NYBloomer(z6 NY)

Although they don't grow in MY garden, I LOVE peaches straight off the tree. :)

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Chocolate mint! Next would be figs.

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Big ripe warm honey flavored figs--blueberries--and I agree with above poster about Sweet 100 tomatoes---yum!

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Bets(z6A S ID)

Almost any fresh fruit or vegetable! Got this from my Mom. A number of years back while home on leave with a military husband we arrived at Mama's and she said to one of my boys, "Let's go out and see what we can find to eat in the garden." and one of my brothers said, "Yeah, take the kid out in the garden to graze." I am really looking forward to putting in my first garden in a number of years, if I can just keep the darn goat out of it! (She can jump a five foot fence without a running start!)

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

Fresh blackberries. ALMOST worth the thorns.

Sungold tomatoes. An outstanding cultivar that sets reliably even through our foggy San Francisco summers, with a tangy, rich taste like a fine heirloom tomato.

And like NY Bloomer, I adore fresh peaches altho we can't grow them here.

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)

Honeysuckle. I remember as a city kid being shown how to suck out the sweet nectar. It amazed me, and still does.


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galileo(z5 MA)

Sour cherries!

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Okanagan(5b BC)

Peas and cukes and herbs are nice, but nothing beats sweet cherries, still warm from the sun, almost black, firm and juicy. And, organically grown.

The tree is taller than my house, so there is lots for the birds too.

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

I just started strawberries, and I never get them into the house. Also, I like to eat my mints right off the plant.
I wish I had a mulberry tree...

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raspberries, raspberries, raspberries. Completely addictive, can't eat just one. Ditto for strawberries.

And I agree with everything else listed above, although I have never had a fig, I'll have to try that one.

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I'll ditto honeysuckle, but only because I don't grow any raspberries!

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Sweet Sisaly...probably miss spelled. It is an herb and has a fern like leaf. The flowers are white and the seed pods start out green, turning brown and woody. I eat the seed pods while they are tender, add them to salads. It is a wonderful licorise flavor. There's my spelling again.
It is delight when I'm working in the garden, or walking someone through it. They are quite taken by it's delicate taste.

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weaserbug(z5 IA)

Violet_Girl, You can have all of our Mulberry trees! Our neighbor let one tree grow to maturity and now all of the surrounding neighbors have Mulberry trees sprouting up everywhere!
We can't get rid of them! Cutting them down does NOT kill them. They just grow a stronger root system and then they just keep producing new top growth.
I guess I wouldn't mind so much if that neighbor wanted to eat the fruits of that Mulberry tree, but it grew in between his fence and he just never dealt with it. Now we all have lots of unwanted seedlings. ...And the mess from the birds is terrible!!!
~Louise in Iowa

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rainbowraven(z5, NE)

sweet peas .. straight off the vine. Habit I acqired while I was growning up in Germany, more than once I was "almost" busted for raiding a pea arbor *smiles* Now thinking back we prob. did do a lot of damage :( sitting there talking about this cute boy or that and eating peas raw with the leaves shading us from the sun and the world.

I plant them now in containers but have yet gotten enough towards the house to make for a meal :)

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KriswithaK(z6 MO)

Ground cherries, although now I grow them in pots on my patio instead of the garden. I got tired of crawling on my hands & knees trying to gather them up.
I also love cherry tomatoes.

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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

Santa F1 grape tomatoes. Every year they get eaten like candy.

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fishcookie(z9bCA Sunset 19)

Pineapple guavas, kumquats, and passion fruits.

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Lettuce! I don't grow it, but DD brings me huge bags of mixed green, red, and purple leaves in many shapes and sizes. Add a simple fruity dressing, some red onion and a few berries or melon and it is a salad fit for kings! And the best part is that DD only gives me already cleaned lettuce!

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paulyn(z 8 NW OR)

Marionberries. I grow blueberries, strawberries,wild strawberries, raspberries, jostaberries, 4 kinds of other blackberries, salal, serviceberries and youngberries. They're all wonderful, but I swear you can make a friend for life when you give them a cup of marionberries.

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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

Are the Marionberries (Marion blackberries) very, very huge blackberries? I recall some delicious gigantic blackberries growing on the land where I worked on Puget Sound in Olympia, Washington. Maybe they were the same thing that you describe...


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grenthum(z5 MI USA)

I grow raspberries and blackberries and concord grapes. They never make into the house in the quantity they are picked! Why wait to bake them in a pie? Out in the hot sun is just as good!! My absolute favorite even when I was a kid was tomatoes on a hot day right off the vine. I would take a salt shaker out to the garden when I was kid and sit there and just eat them off the vine. Nothing better! I still eat them in the garden off the vine but I avoid the salt! Ah getting older.

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paulyn(z 8 NW OR)

Wendy: Marionberries are medium sized and are a cross between wild blackberries and a cultivar (I think logans). You may have tasted the wild himalayans that are wonderful and grow wild here. A lot of people hate them because they are so invasive.

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