Horstmann's Silberlocke-grafted or seedling

rabbit2348(5b)July 24, 2014

I've been researching Abies Koreana Horstmann's Silberlocke and am confused as to whether this is grown from a seedling, grafted or grown both ways. I see that some nurseries say "grafted." Does it make a difference? Should I be asking what it is grafted onto?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

first.. nomenclature.. a seedlings is NOT HS ... that would NOT be a proper name for such.. as they do NOT come true from seed ...

a grafted plant... one would presume.. that the scion is from HS ... and if so.. it is a true clone of such ... it is HS ...

the problem is... that seedlings.. LOOK like HS ... they are pretty darn close... but as they mature... they can derivative from the classic ...

so in the way back machine ... someone was selling seedlings under the cultivar name ... and so the confusion started ...

frankly.. most of us.. could not tell them apart ... seedlings vs HS vs the other similar named varieties ['silver show', if memory serves] ...

all of them are great plants.. if zone appropriate ... [and do figure out.. even if zone is proper .. whether you can grow it -- ask if you dont know what this means]

for the sake of knowledge.. your research is brilliant... but personally.. i wouldnt get too wound up in it ....

welcome to GW and this forum ... we need some new recruits.... i will do all in my power to enable you... lol


ps: the cones on these plant are magnificent ... do not fore go this plant for a name problem ...

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

"Does it make a difference? Should I be asking what it is grafted onto?"
Not unless you live in a marginally difficult place for it to grow where the understock would make a difference. You don't list a Zone or location so the experts here (Not me ) would have a hard time giving you pertinent answers as to whether or not it would apply in your case.
All I know, mine is doing fine and I don't know what it's grafted on.

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Thanks Mike and Ken. I realized after posting that I shouldn't have referred to it as a seedling as one of the nurseries had both a grafted one and one from a "rooted cutting." Sounds like as long as I go to a reputable nursery, I should be okay. I'm zone 5. Thanks for the help! Brenna

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