Don't ya Love this site?

coasterphileJune 15, 2007

GARDEN WEB is addictive!size="+5">Once I'm on it, I can't stop searching for more! It's like a drug!size="+3"> I even find I've become a "pusher" and tell strangers I meet at the garden store about it. Any other addicts out there? size="+2">

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I love finding out about sales at online nurseries the day the sale starts. Also, I've learned a lot about which cultivars work best for my garden. I also enjoy the debates of various philosophies of gardening. The best recent 1 was on the Trees Forum, the debate over proper pruning methods.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Addiction to a Garden Web? I don't think so. I only check it 10 times a day and spend every opportune moment reading and posting. But being addicted to it? Not me, for sure!! :)

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What forum is best for finding out about online nursery sales?! I just joined the forums yesterday (newbie gardener) and can already feel the rush of the addiction. YES!

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It is fun with so much info! I go through addiction phases though. Its fun to meet people from all over.

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It is addicting!!!!!!!!!! I come to this site reading one thing or another everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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